Postdoctoral Researcher - Educational Sciences / Psychology of Education

Country: France;

City: Grenoble

Vacancy added: 03.09.2019

Employer: Grenoble Alpes University

Resumes due: 30.10.2019


SECTOR: Higher Education Institution

INSTITUTION: Univ. Grenoble Alpes, University of Innovation

LOCATION: France, Grenoble

ANR PROJECT TITLE: BTM-Traj Beginning Teachers’ Motivation Trajectory: a developmental approach to understand its evolution during the transition from initial training to the first years in the profession.

JOB PROFILE: Post-Doctoral Researcher

SCIENTIFIC HOSTING DEPARTMENT  LaRAC Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Apprentissages en Contexte


RESEARCH FIELD: Educational Sciences / Psychology of Education

RESEARCHER PROFILE: Recognized researcher (PhD holder not yet fully independent)


Job Profile


The LaRAC Research Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Apprentissages en Contexte ( is looking for a post-doctoral fellow as part of a research project funded by the ANR.

The project is supported by the LaRAC in collaboration with the SENS laboratory ( team) of the Grenoble Alpes University as well as the Department of Foundations and Practices in Education of the Faculty of Education ( of LAVAL University in Quebec.

The general objective of BTM-Traj project is to identify the different motivational trajectories of teachers’ early career to investigate whether there are categories of novice teachers who are less likely to adjust to environmental demands and who are more at risk of leaving the profession earlier than others. BTM-Traj project addresses one main question: Do Beginning Teachers’ Motivation Trajectories (BTM-Traj) matter and to what extent do they have meaningful consequences? There are three sub-objectives: 1) To better understand how the motivation of Beginning Teachers (BT) evolves during their early years and how these different trajectories jointly evolve with their job satisfaction and their professional development trajectories. 2) To shed light on the environmental (i.e., perceived pressure vs. supportive working conditions) and individual factors (i.e. value, expectation and self-efficacy) involved in explaining belonging to different motivational and career trajectories in order to identify the factors which lead to early resignation and to retention in the profession. 3) To study how developmental trajectories of BTM explain the effectiveness of teaching practices (e.g., supportive vs. controlling motivational climate) in terms of students’ motivation (e.g., motivational regulations, personal goals).



The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for conducting a research, under the direction of Nadia Leroy MCF in education sciences, in partnership with the actors of the BTM-Traj project (researchers and research engineer of the SENS laboratory and researcher of the Faculty of Education at Laval University in Quebec City).

He will develop and lead the methods of exploitation, collection and analysis of data collected during the longitudinal study that he will pilot, and will ensure the valorization (publications, conferences, seminars, scientific reports.) He will take part in the related tasks necessary to carry out the research, as well as to the scientific activities of the laboratory of membership, and will guarantee the quality and validity of the data produced and the treatments carried out.

  • Mission 1 ==> plan and conduct longitudinal studies: Contribute to the development of original research hypotheses, define appropriate protocols for research questions and audiences that will be defined; lead and pilot the collection and analysis of the data collected; Organize, supervise and carry out data collection in collaboration with research collaborators and field partners; Recruitment ; Participate in analysis under the supervision of the project manager; Ensure compliance with deadlines and the planned schedule
  • Mission 2 ==> ensure a scientific information watch: ensure an information watch in the main scientific databases related to the development of the motivation of beginning teachers; ensure an informational watch on conferences, seminars, conferences, related to the theme of the BTM-Traj Project »
  • Mission 3 ==> pilot the valorization of the obtained results: to value the data collected through publications, conferences or national or international symposia; Organize study days (one per year) to disseminate and promote the results of the research; communicate the results to non-specialist audiences (seminars, "mass-audience" conferences); Write the final report to the funders and participate in writing the interim reports by task; Contribute to the writing of scientific articles (mainly in English; Ensure the transfer of knowledge to the partners in the field.

Applicants must hold a PhD degree or have a University degree equivalent to a European PhD (8-year duration)


Applicants will have to send an application letter in English and attach:

Their last diploma (certificate of successful completion of the doctorate)o A summary of the thesiso A summary of research topicso Their CV o The contact of two reference personso Letters of recommendation are welcome

Application deadline October 15th2019 at 12:00 (CET)


Applications will be evaluated through a three-step process:

Eligibility check of applications in October 30th 2019

1st round of selection: the applications will be evaluated by a Review Board in October 31th 2019. Results will be given in November 4th 2019.

2nd round of selection: shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview session in Grenoble on November 15th 2019.

Address to send their application

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