Poetry and Painting: Conversations Conference

Country: United Kingdom

City: Oxford

Abstr. due: 30.11.2019

Dates: 23.03.20 — 23.03.20

Area Of Sciences: Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail: jack.parlett@univ.ox.ac.ukand jasmine.jagger@ell.ox.ac.uk.

Organizers: Faculty of English, University of Oxford


The supposed similarity between poetry and painting was famously characterized in Horace's ‘Ars Poetica’ by the dictum ‘ut pictura poesis’ (‘as is painting, so is poetry’). Yet in 1766, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing influentially argued for the limits that condition these different art forms — how could a visual scream ever be rendered linguistically? 

The intense and ambivalent relationship between the so-called “sister arts” of poetry and painting has long been a subject of critical enquiry. The multiple tensions and affinities shared by these expressive forms are fruitful topics of a discussion that is currently enjoying a revival both within and beyond academia. 

Co-organisers Drs Jasmine Jagger and Jack Parlett invite you to share your work on this subject for a one-day event in Oxford. This symposium seeks to ignite and develop critical and trans-historical conversations about the interplay between the sister arts. Contributors may consider, but need not be limited to:


-      Ekphrasis and ekphrastic writing 

-      Illustration and other “composite” modes

-      Co- and inter-disciplinarity  

-      Gender politics

-      Narrative, time and temporality  

-      Tone, texture, and style

-      Questions of form

-      Issues of historicity  

-      Interrelations between poetry, painting and other forms (e.g. photography and film) 

-      Theories of the visual and the gaze 

-      Interpretation and revisionism  

-       Colour, mood, affect, and play


Conference Web-Site: https://www.poetryandpainting.co.uk/