Research Technicians - School of Biochemistry

Country: United Kingdom;

City: Bristol

Vacancy added: 02.10.2019

Employer: University of Bristol

Resumes due: 20.10.2019


The Berger group studies the structure, mechanism and cellular assembly of eukaryotic multiprotein assemblies in transcription regulation and develops enabling technologies for DNA transfer, genome engineering and multigene expression in eukaryotic cells, tissues and organisms.

We are seeking up to two highly-skilled Research Technicians to actively participate in the ambitious research projects in our laboratory in the new Max Planck Centre for Minimal Biology at Bristol University. You will engage in designing and preparing multigene DNA constructs and utilize and further develop our award-winning MultiBac system for protein complex production and gene therapy applications. Outstanding applicants have a strong background in molecular biology and protein biochemistry. Experience in eukaryotic cell culture, baculovirus expression and/or a structural biology background is highly desirable.

Showing a high level of organization and independence, you will maintain the molecular biology and protein purification infrastructure including ordering of consumables and assist in operating the MultiBac platform in the eukaryotic expression facility. Moreover, you will archive and manage plasmid, baculovirus and protein stocks vital to the laboratory.

You will actively embrace the responsibility of managing technology platforms underpinning all research in the Berger lab.

For informal enquiries please contact Imre Berger, +44 117 394 1857, or Christiane Berger-Schaffitzel, +44 117 394 1869,

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