HED20: Hradec Economic Days 2020

Country: Czech Republic

City: Hradec Králové

Abstr. due: 05.01.2020

Dates: 02.04.20 — 03.04.20

Area Of Sciences: Ecology;

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Organizing comittee e-mail: hed@uhk.cz

Organizers: The University of Hradec Králové, in cooperation with Wrocław University of Economics, Cracow University of Economics and The Office of Transfer of Technologies at the University of South Bohemia


Aims & Scope of the conference

The conference promotes an exchange of ideas and contacts of academicians from different fields of interest. In addition, it offers opportunities to meet and talk with experts from practice.  For example, representatives of the Czech National Bank and entrepreneurs who traditionally participate in the conference. The primary goal of the conference is to present both theoretical and empirical papers in the field of economy, business economics, management, and economics related modeling.

In 2020, the conference is subtitled „Innovations and upcoming challenges of developed and developing economies" The impact of innovations in various fields such as health sciences, engineering, services will be discussed and evaluated from the perspective of social sciences. This year conference scopes are to address the following fundamental issues:

  • New trends in the economy and its impacts on globalization,
  • Social, Legal and Educational Challenges of Contemporary Economics
  • Economic growth and employment, 
  • Effective methodologies for the integration of physical, informational, and financial flows,
  • Innovative approaches to the management of operational processes,
  • Financial innovations and focus on the consumer,
  • Technology transfer and resource implications, intellectual property rights,
  • Sectoral and intra-sectoral changes: energy sector, tourism, agribusiness, ICT sector, health economics, social entrepreneurship,
  • Quantitative methods in economics and management.

Conference Web-Site: https://uni.uhk.cz/hed/about/