The 2020 Biennial Music Research and Teacher Education Conference

Country: USA

City: Orlando

Abstr. due: 03.02.2020

Dates: 04.11.20 — 08.11.20

Area Of Sciences: Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: National Association for Music Education , Organizing Committee


In 1999, MENC, the precursor to NAfME, hosted the Housewright Symposium, drawing together teachers, music supervisors, advocates and researchers into a discussion about where music education was headed in the 21st Century. The outcome of the Symposium was Vision 2020, where music education was examined in community, across cultures, via standards-based learning, and with technology, among other topics.

As we reach 2020 with music education still strongly part of American public schools, what should we celebrate about music education today? Knowing that not all students have access to music education, and that access is often equated with tradition, funding, and privilege, what must we address to strengthen music education for all students moving forward? And what can we forecast about the future direction of music, of education, of society, that will impact music education over the next three decades?

In 2020, the Biennial Music Research and Teacher Education Conference will, for the first time, be held concurrently with our national PreK-12 music education conference, and the All-National Honor Ensembles featuring students from across the nation. With this congruence of practitioners and researchers, the conference planning committee is excited about the possibilities of interaction, interconnection, and interdisciplinary learning among all the conference attendees.

Three big, overarching questions, helping the field once again reach forward to shape our collective music education future, will guide this combined conference of practitioners and researchers:

  1. How will students learn in the future?
  2. What will music-making be in the future?
  3. What needs to happen for 100% participation of students in school music in the future?

As these overarching questions are addressed through plenaries and shared sessions with the PreK-12 educators, the committee invites researchers to address the following subset of questions as appropriate within their session proposals, focused on the next decade of music education:

  • What are we currently doing in music education that supports all students participating in music by 2030?
  • In the next decade, what do we need to do to move the field of music education toward what we hope to make reality for students in 2030?
  • What music-making of today is the precursor for music-making in 2030?
  • What educational reforms and movements will shape the educational sphere of 2030?

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