Borders in/of Adaptation (annual conference Association of Adaptation Studies) 2020

Country: France

City: Dijon

Abstr. due: 01.02.2020

Dates: 01.10.20 — 02.10.20

Area Of Sciences: Psychology; Sociology; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Borders in/of Adaptation Association of Adaptation Studies; Université de Bourgogne


For the 2020 edition of the Association of Adaptation Studies, we would like to examine the presence and nature of borders as they appear in adaptations. Much recent work in adaptation studies has focused on expanding the scope of the discipline, beyond the dichotomy of book and film that dominated early studies in the area – while outside the ivory towers, borders between nations have been an increasingly contentious subject in public and private discourse. As such, we invite participants to submit abstracts for papers dealing with borders:

  • Between media (between the source text and its adaptation, including the possibility of movement from narrative to non-narrative forms (music, merchandise, etc.) and back again (adaptations of attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean, games like Battleship, or toys as in The Lego Movie or Playmobil: The Movie)
  • Between works (the borders created or overcome in franchises, sequels, prequels, crossovers, or episodes)
  • Between stages of development (from source text to adaptation of course, but also different versions screenplays and what are often proliferating texts that may influence what appears on the screen). 
  • Between formats (for example the streaming services blur the boundaries of what constitutes a film or a TV movie, and the proliferating texts of franchises that have arguably made film into serialized storytelling formerly relegated to television or radio)
  • Between genres (the hybridity of genres and its appeal and/or limitations, especially in the medium-specific genres inherent to sources and their adaptations)
  • Between nations or groups, both diegetically (issue of borders and boundaries having a significant place in Propp’s narratology, and the transposition of locales being a recurrent phenomenon in adaptation) and industrially (the perennial question of what constitutes the nationality of a film or series given the increasingly scattered/widespread nature of production, and how this might pertain to adaptation)

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