LDAC2020: Linked Data in Architecture and Construction

Country: Ireland

City: Dublin

Abstr. due: 13.03.2020

Dates: 05.06.20 — 19.06.20

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail: Kris.McGlinn@adaptcentre.ie

Organizers: Lloyd Institute, at Trinity College Dublin - The University of Dublin, College Green, Dublin, Ireland.


The 8th LDAC workshop consists of three parts:

  1. The scientific evaluation and introduction of ontologies to capture building data, e.g. ifcOWL, Linked Building Data ontologies (BOT, OPM, BPO), geometry ontologies (OMG/FOG), geospatial ontologies, infrastructure, HVAC, building automation (BACS, DogOnt, SAREF), and semantic sensor ontologies (SSN)
  2. A practical discussion to investigate the combination of ontology-based data to create complete and holistic sets of building data
  3. Industry use cases related to practical applications of Linked Data in AEC, including its success stories, obstacles and how to overcome them

This year's LDAC will again be directly preceded by the Summer School of LDAC (ssoLDAC) that focuses entirely on the use of Linked Data and Semantic Web technologies for the built environment.
The summer school is held by experts and researchers in the use of these technologies and is limited to an audience of 40 participants (first come, first served).

List of Topics

The workshop topics include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Linking building data to other data, e.g. product libraries, GIS data, or sensor data
  • Applications in infrastructure projects and facilities
  • Utilization of building-related ontologies, e.g. ifcOWL, BOT, OMG/FOG, BPO, or OPM
  • Development of new ontologies or extension to existing ontologies
  • Mapping and alignment of ontologies
  • Using linking to enable interoperation between existing operational systems
  • Enriching systems with new data linked from external sources
  • Making data accessible by publishing it on the Web
  • Semantic query systems, reasoning, rule systems, and machine learning
  • Services based on Linked Data, including security and access control concerns

Conference Web-Site: http://linkedbuildingdata.net/ldac2020/

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