Country: Russian Federation

City: Samara

Abstr. due: 31.03.2020

Dates: 24.04.20 — 25.04.20

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Institute for Research on Social Phenomena, Research Division of Samara Regional Academy for Gifted Children (Russia)


The focus of the conference is in-depth theoretical research on the issue of identity forming in the rising generation. Conference participants are invited to contribute to the solution of this problem and to join the discussion organized along the following general research questions:

  • What are the grounds for forming the identity in children and teenagers in the process of education?
  • What external factors influence this process?
  • What do we do when we form children’s identity? What are the existing and possible identity forming mechanisms in modern education?
  • What significance does children’s identity have for the definite aspects processes of personality and individuality formation?
  • What criteria can be used for distinguishing various types of identity? What content do you put in the term “multiple identity”?
  • What significance does schoolchildren’s identity have for the community?
  • Which of the identity forming practices known to you, including international experience do you find the most successful? Why?

Conference participants are asked to focus on the following research objects:

  • the essence of identity of children and teenagers;
  • special features and mechanisms of identity forming in schoolchildren;
  • forms of manifestation of identity of children and teenagers;
  • the significance of identity for learning and cognition;
  • the significance of learner’s identity for the functioning of education as a social institution,
  • reflection of certain aspects of schoolchildren’s identity in different forms of social consciousness;
  • methods and instruments of research into children and teenager’s identity.

Participants and papers:

The conference is open to all interested in the topic, including scholars, students and practitioners. Papers from all branches of humanities and social sciences are welcome. Papers written in the interdisciplinary and international comparative perspective are particularly encouraged. Presentations extended into research articles that pass a peer review will be published in the journal “Social Phenomena” (ISSN 2305-7327).

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