The 2020 Smithsonian Botanical Symposium

Country: USA

City: Washington

Abstr. due: 10.04.2020

Dates: 15.05.20 — 15.05.20

Area Of Sciences: Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: The Smithsonian’s Department of Botany and the United States Botanic Garden


The Smithsonian’s Department of Botany and the United States Botanic Garden will hold the 2020 Smithsonian Botanical Symposium, “Plant symbiosis: The good, the bad, and the complicated,” at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., on May 15, 2020.

Plants, like all organisms, exist in collaboration and competition with other life forms. As primary producers, plants form the basis of most food webs. In many cases, they also depend on insects, vertebrate animals, bacteria, and/or fungi to survive and reproduce. Sometimes, these interactions are especially close and long lasting and such symbioses are among the most fascinating relationships in the natural world. The 18th Smithsonian Botanical Symposium will explore current research in the diversity of plant symbioses, examining the relationships plants have with insects, fungi, bacteria, and even other plants. It will culminate with a panel Q&A session followed by poster presentations and a reception at the United States Botanic Garden. Speakers will include botanists, ecologists, microbiologists, and geneticists, whose research unravels the complicated relationships that plants have with their collaborators and competitors in the natural world.

In addition, the 18th José Cuatrecasas Medal in Tropical Botany will be awarded at the Symposium. This prestigious award is presented annually to an international scholar who has contributed significantly to advancing the field of tropical botany. The award is named in honor of Dr. José Cuatrecasas, a pioneering botanist who spent many years working in the Department of Botany at the Smithsonian, and devoted his career to plant exploration in tropical South America.

Call for Posters
Abstracts for poster presentations may be emailed to Topic must be related to the study of plant symbioses (e.g., lichen, mycorrhizae, pollination, root nodules, seed dispersal) and contain original research. The deadline for abstract submission is April 10, 2020. Abstract submissions should include the following:

  • Author(s) name(s) including affiliation(s) and email address(es).
  • List the title in sentence case.
  • Titles are limited to 150 characters.
  • Abstracts may not exceed 1,500 characters including spaces.
  • Posters should be no larger than 30" x 40" (portrait orientation).
  • Presenting authors are required to attend the poster session (6:30 pm – 8:30 pm) to take advantage of opportunities to discuss their work with symposium participants.

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