13th International Workshop on Writing Systems and Literacy - AWLL13

Country: USA

City: Chapel Hill

Abstr. due: 15.04.2020

Dates: 15.10.20 — 17.10.20

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail: davidmm AT unc.edu

Organizers: University of North Carolina


Continuing to bring together researchers from diverse research backgrounds and from various countries, the Association of Written Language and Literacy's thirteenth gathering (AWLL13) will be the first to be hosted in the USA at the University of North Carolina.

Moreover, maintaining the core focus of AWLL workshops on understanding writing systems, AWLL13's theme seeks to explore a set of fundamental interrelated questions about the processes of codification and standardization that writing systems undergo and whether it is ultimately justifiable to regard natural writing systems as being systematic in nature. Accordingly, abstract submissions that address some of the following research issues, for example, will be particularly welcome:

- Do existing typologies of writing systems sufficiently elucidate the systematic relationships that mediate between linguistic units and graphematic representations?
- What are the factors that influence, both positively and negatively, orthographic systemization? Is systemization driven primarily by external forces, such as script adoption, or by internal motivations, such as codification and standardization?
- Can attempts at orthography reform by central authority stakeholders be effective and, if so, with what implications for programs of literacy acquisition?
- Do the orthographic and grammatical properties of typologically different writing systems interface systematically with the cognitive factors involved in the acquisition of spelling and writing?
- Has technology, in its diverse forms, from printing, digitization, to Unicode and emoji, contributed to systematization or does it foster diversity in the era of digital communication?

Extending over 3 days, AWLL13's programme of approximately 2.5 days will include two invited-speaker presentations, a themed symposium on the ''Writing Systems of the Americas'', AWLL's business meeting, a number of oral presentations sessions and two poster sessions, and will conclude with a panel discussion.

Information source:https://linguistlist.org/issues/30/30-4619.html

Conference Web-Site: http://faculty-sgs.tama.ac.jp/terry/awll/workshops.html