The 5th European social marketing conference “People, planet, systems and solutions”

Country: Greece

City: Thessaloniki

Abstr. due: 17.04.2020

Dates: 21.10.20 — 23.10.20

Area Of Sciences: Economics and management; Sociology;

Organizing comittee e-mail:



The mission of the World Social Marketing Conference event series is to act as a vehicle to help build a global movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practice in Social Marketing, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Social Marketing practice at both operational and strategic levels.

What is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing is a set of evidence and experience based concepts techniques and principles that provide a systematic approach to understanding behaviour and developing social interventions that work. It is a fusion of science, experience and practical ‘know how’.

 What happens at the conference?

New ideas and evidence will be presented at the conference by thought leaders, practitioners, students and those with a passion for making positive behaviour change happen in their community, country or region through the application of impactful and insightful communication strategies. The event will bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers, researchers and industry experts to explore and enrich Social Marketing practice around Europe.

How can I take part?

The best way to take part is simply to attend the event! However, If you have a case study, workshop idea, interactive learning session, new theory or research findings which you wish to present at the conference then simply submit an abstract of your work for peer review. Abstracts are 1000 words maximum and we have useful submissions templates to help make your application as easy as possible. Abstracts which are successfully reviewed (the process is competitive!) will be selected for inclusion in the conference programme.

Conference themes

People & wellbeing
Submissions that focus on behaviours related to improving the wellbeing of individuals, including submissions related to personal and public physical and mental health; financial literacy; equality and social cohesion etc.

Systems and policy
Submissions that look upstream and take a systems approach to research the issues and develop solutions.

Environment & sustainability
Submissions that look at human behaviour in relation to sustainability, and the impacts on the environment. This includes submissions related to climate change and conservation.

Future direction
Submissions that look at the future direction of the discipline of social marketing, including theory and critical social marketing. This includes submissions that examine new theoretical approaches, ethics and unintended consequences of social marketing campaigns.


Conference tracks

The WSMC conference organising committee would be delighted to receive submissions with a clear Social Marketing perspective focused on any of the following tracks

  1. Health and wellbeing of people
  2. Planetary health: Environment and sustainability
  3. Implementation challenges
  4. Migration, integration and community cohesion
  5. Theories and methods
  6. Upstream social marketing, policy and stakeholder engagement
  7. Promoting the uptake, mandate and application of social marketing
  8. Critical marketing
  9. Equity
  10. Food & the environment

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