Grammar & Corpora 2020 Conference

Country: Poland

City: Krakow

Abstr. due: 19.04.2020

Dates: 25.11.20 — 27.11.20

Area Of Sciences: Humanities;

Organizing comittee e-mail: gac2020 AT

Organizers: Institute of Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences


We welcome submissions that explore the use of corpus methods in the description and theoretical analysis of the grammar of natural languages.
Focal areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

1. Corpus-based studies on the grammar of natural languages, with the focus on Slavic, Germanic and Romance, however contributions pertaining other languages are welcome:

- The use of (large) corpora in the description of patterns of grammar from both a language-specific and a contrastive/cross-linguistic perspective
- The identification and formal modelling of (different types of) synchronic linguistic variation using corpus methods
- New insights into the connection between linguistic variation and change made available by inspecting “language change in progress” in large corpora
- The use of advanced corpus-linguistic and statistical methods in historical linguistics as a means to compensate for the relative scarcity of data

2. Theoretical and methodological issues pertaining to corpus-oriented research on grammar:

- Tools, methods and techniques in corpus assembly, annotation and analysis
- The interaction between corpus linguistics and computational linguistics
- The interaction between corpus linguistics and linguistic theory
- The use of statistical and quantitative methods in detecting patterns of grammar
- The impact of corpus-based vs. corpus-driven approaches on our view/understanding of grammar

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