Outstanding Students Attraction Program

Country: Korea;

Deadline: 27.03.2020


KIST School provides 6 to 9 month-long internship for outstanding applicants, and it offers English classes (to help students getting an official English score for entering Masters and Doctoral degree courses), a Korean language program, and R&D field training. Students’ English scores must meet the minimum requirements in order for them to qualify for the KIST School Internship program.

Requirements for Eligibility

Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or be expected to receive one

Must get an official recommendation from the country

The eligible country is as follows: Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Mongolia, Turkey and Ukraine

In case of Koryo-saram(Корё-сарам), the eligible country is as follows: Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Full Scholarship

Tuition and registration costs are covered by KIST.

The highest level of financial support in Korea is provided to help students focus on their study and research.
Monthly stipends of 900 USD for bachelor students and 1,000 USD for Master students


Participating in National R&D Projects : Over 90% of KIST's R&D budget comes from government and institutional programs $302 million (December 2018)

Excellent Faculty : 150 professors selected from among the 600 Ph.D. researchers at KIST

Infrastructure of National Research Institute : Knowledge/Technology accumulated over 50 years of experience and Cutting-edge research equipment/facilities

Student Benefits

Diverse academic/cultural events for students.

Discounted condominium rates at many major tourist destinations in Korea

First-rate dormitory facilities for 120 USD per month

Comprehensive insurance for 6 month-long internship