Faculty of Arts Graduate Research International Grant at University of Melbourne

Country: Australia;

Deadline: 31.10.2020


The Arts Graduate Research International Grant (AGRIG) is initiated by the University of Melbourne to attract excellent students for the academic year 2020-2021. The program is open for both domestic and international students.

The funding program supports the Faculty of Arts Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Masters by Research (MA) graduate researchers to travel overseas for at least two weeks to conduct research.

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s second oldest universities that offers various degree level programs. It has 13,000 international students from over 130 countries around the world.

Why at the University of Melbourne? The University prepares aspirants to make their own impact, offering education that stimulates, leading to meaningful careers and the skills to make profound contributions to society. Here students will get a world-class education and career opportunities in a safe, welcoming environment.

AGRIG supports Faculty of Arts Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Masters by Research (MA) graduate researchers to travel overseas for at least two weeks to conduct research that is essential to the completion of their thesis. Short periods of fieldwork, archival research and other kinds of on-site data gathering all fall within the remit of the scheme.

Applications open

1 Jan 2020

Last day for applications

31 Oct 2020


To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:

  • be a graduate researcher enrolled in the Faculty of Arts,
  • be post-confirmation or within three months of your expected confirmation date,
  • be able to demonstrate that the intended travel and research activity are essential to the timely completion of your research thesis with strong support from your supervisor,
  • be able to present a reasonable and justifiable budget,
  • be making satisfactory progress and have a credible plan for timely completion,
  • have school support for 25% of the total budget requested. Your School Funding will be the source of this contribution, and
  • be able to demonstrate that you have met all relevant University policy requirements relating to your research (such as compliance with the University’s code of conduct for research and student travel policy):
    • Principles and Policy of Research Integrity
    • Student Travel and Transport Policy (MPF1209)
    • Graduate Research Training Policy (MPF1321)

Selection criteria

You are required to provide the following information in your online application:

  • A statement clearly outlining the significance of the travel to your research methodology and thesis,
  • A budget for the planned travel in Australian Dollars (AUD),
  • Budget must be itemised in detail,
  • Evidence of sources of quotations budgeted items (ie. air and rail fares, and the source of other costs, etc.), and
    • Any gap in funding is expected to be covered by personal savings or other funding source, which should be indicated on the budget proforma
  • A letter from your principal supervisor outlining in detail.
    • The significance of the travel to the completion of the thesis
    • That you are making satisfactory progress and has a credible plan for timely completion

Note: When planning to utilise the AGRIG funding you are also applying for School Funding, you are required to contribute a designated amount of your school funding. For example: If you are apply for a maximum grant of $5,000 you must also contribute $1,250 from your School funding. A separate application for your School Funding contribution is not required.


  • Applications for AGRIG submitted prior to your confirmation may be approved provisionally, subject to:
    • Formal approval of confirmation (or conversion to confirmed PhD candidature), and
    • Funds will not be released until the condition have been met
  • Applicants who apply for funding under this scheme cannot apply for additional funding from the GRATS scheme for the same trip
  • Applicants may apply for several research trips under this scheme during their candidature, up to the limit of funding specified above. Each of several trips would normally be expected to be elements of the same research activity essential to the research
  • Graduate researchers awarded a PhD Fieldwork Grant early in their candidature are not precluded from applying later in their candidature for further support for separate research trips to enhance their essential research through the GRATS scheme
  • Jointly enrolled graduate researchers in another Faculty with co-supervision in Arts may be eligible to receive pro-rata funding


Budgets are expected to be prudent and economical, and budget items may be funded at lower levels than the requested by the awarding Committee. The Committee may choose to award less than the allowable maximum, depending on the quality of the application and available funds.

  • Items usually supported:
    • Travel costs
    • Accommodation
    • Visa or access fees
  • Items not supported:
    • Living expenses/per diem
    • Electronic equipment, such as computers, recorders or other consumables
    • Language study – you are expected to have developed any required language skill prior to travel
    • Travel insurance over and above the University policy