CoSim-CPS 2020: Formal Co-Simulation of Cyber-Physical Systems

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Abstr. due: 09.06.2020

Dates: 14.09.20 — 14.09.20

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: SEFM


This workshop focuses on the integrated application of formal methods and co-simulation technologies in the development of software for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Co-simulation is an advanced simulation technique that allows developers to generate a global simulation of a complex system by orchestrating and composing the concurrent simulation of individual components or aspects of the system. Formal methods link software specifications and program code to logic theories, providing developers with means to analyze program behaviors in a way that is demonstrably exhaustive.

The two technologies complement each other. Developers can create prototypes suitable to validate hypotheses embedded in formal models and formal properties to be analyzed of the software. This is fundamental to ensure that the right system is being developed. Using formal methods, developers can extend test results obtained with co-simulation runs, and ensure that the same results apply to all program states for all possible program inputs. This enables early detection of latent design anomalies.

This workshop will give researchers and industrial practitioners a stage to demonstrate new methods and tools, present experience reports, discuss open challenges, and explore ideas for future development of frameworks integrating formal methods and co-simulation. Contributions are welcome on all aspects of system development, including specification, design, analysis, implementation and documentation of software for Cyber-Physical Systems.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Development of new co-simulation methods and tools
  • Integration of formal methods technologies in co-simulation methods and tools
  • Experience reports on using existing co-simulation methods and tools
  • Emerging standards for co-simulation
  • Modeling and analysis of safety properties of cyber-physical systems through co-simulation
  • Modeling and analysis of human-machine interfaces in cyber-physical systems through co-simulation
  • Modeling and analysis of security aspects of cyber-physical systems through co-simulation
  • Co-simulation of the next-generation cyber-physical systems

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