4th International Orbital Society Symposium

Country: Korea

City: Seoul

Abstr. due: 03.06.2020

Dates: 01.09.20 — 02.09.20

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences; Medicine;

Organizing comittee e-mail: info@orbitsymposium2020.org

Organizers: https://www.orbitsymposium2020.org/about/committee.php


  Throughout the past two decades, the Samsung Oculoplastic Symposium has established itself as one of the leading symposiums specializing in the field of oculoplastic surgery, and has contributed to enriching the oculoplastic knowledge and surgical skills of ophthalmologists in Korea. This year, as an open meeting of the Orbital Society and the first international conference on orbital diseases held in Asia, we are looking forward to outstanding and impactful presentations and in-depth discussions from world-renowned experts. Our program is filled with presentations covering a wide range of clinical topics and research in orbital diseases.

    Seoul is the capital and heart of Korea’s culture, economy, education, and politics. With its extensive history and heritage, Seoul is home to many historical sites and traditional culture, and also is renowned for cutting-edge technology, K-pop, and fashion. This dynamic city converges the old and new worlds: Palaces, temples, and historic mountain trails exist alongside modern architecture, fashion, and the nonstop, heart-pounding beats of K-pop.

    On behalf of the organizing committee, I extend you a warm welcome once again. I wish all esteemed overseas guests to have a wonderful and memorable stay in Seoul. We hope you will find this symposium to be an enjoyable opportunity to share your experiences and learn the newest developments and advances in research on the orbit.

Conference Web-Site: https://www.orbitsymposium2020.org/about/