Conference 'Imperial Artefacts: History, Law and the Looting of Cultural Property'

Country: Netherlands

City: Leiden

Abstr. due: 31.08.2020

Dates: 28.01.21 — 29.01.21

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Leiden University


In light of these developments we welcome contributions that focus on (but are not necessarily limited to) following topics:

  • Histories of specific cases of misappropriation, of colonial violence, of how objects travelled and ended up in Western museums and archives (provenance)
  • Histories of the laws of war in colonial contexts in legal practice and in legal theory
  • Histories of domestic constitutional and private law concerning restitution 
  • Histories of the actors involved: imperials agents, indigenous resistance to spoliation, NGO’s, etc.
  • Museology: how are colonial objects framed, styled and/or contextualised
  • Historiography: histories of the critical debate concerning law, colonial museums and restitution
  • De lege ferenda: how can/should legal restitution move forward?
  • (Post)colonial debates on the restitution of heritage objects
  • Interconnectedness of identity and historical artefacts
  • Experience with restitutions concerning art looted by Nazis and its (possible) impact on restituting looted colonial art.

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