Returning to the Gothic Ocean: Maritime, Marine and Aquatic Uncanny in Southern Waters Call For Papers: An Interdisciplinary Virtual Symposium on Maritime, Marine and Aquatic Gothic Culture and Research

Country: Australia

City: Melbourne

Abstr. due: 02.10.2020

Dates: 12.02.21 — 12.02.21

Area Of Sciences: Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: University of Melbourne


Topics might include, but are not limited to:

Sea monsters and ghosts
Marine or aquatic undead
Haunted voyages
Shipwrecks and ghost ships
Indigenous creation stories and song lines
Bio-cultural knowledge of waters and sea country
Gothic oceans, seas and waterways in canonical literature Charting gothic maritime geographies and marine ecologies Haunted research, uncanny experiments in field and Reef studies Scuba gothic and horror

Underwater museums and antiquities
Naval gothic and horror
Haunted submariners
Video games about watery gothic horror
The role of the gothic in the contested histories of the Southern seas and oceans

literature, cinema, theatre, television, games, visual and

video art and digital media, experiments, surveys, field research or other forms are welcome.

Intersections of the Gothic and the Anthropocene in the Southern oceans, seas and waterways Folk horror in marine and aquatic settings
Eerie eco-critical approaches to the Southern seas, oceans and waterways
The horror of waste and plastics in Southern waters

Mechanised, virtual, digital or animated oceanic or watery Gothic Submechnaphobia
Polar extremities
Maritime archaeology

Ancient mega-fauna of Southern waters in scientific research, mythology and the imagination Gender and gothic oceans, seas and waterways
Symbiotic organisms or the uncanny or inexplicable marine ecologies of Southern waters Children’s literature and media featuring gothic oceans, seas or waterways

Sporting, yachting, boating horror and gothic
Creative writing around ports, rigs and shipwrecks, or any of the above Documentary, or creative non-fiction writing on any of the above

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