International Conference on Perovskites for Energy Harvesting: from Fundamentals to Devices (PERENHAR) - poster abstracts

Country: Spain

City: Online

Abstr. due: 13.11.2020

Dates: 19.11.20 — 20.11.20

Area Of Sciences: Nanotech; Physics and math; Chemistry;

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Organizers: Fundació Scito


While metal halide perovskites have been a relatively new entrant in the photovoltaic arena, the high efficiencies achieved over a short span of time have turned the spotlight on them and a similar trend is being observed for light-emitting-diodes. This meeting will bring together experts in the field looking at various aspects of these materials to discuss topics ranging from the fundamental properties of the materials involved, their use in optoelectronic devices and beyond like piezoelectric nanogenerators. We will cover the aspects of materials, device engineering for improved efficiency and advanced characterization techniques. This, we hope, will bring forth the advances made as well as the problems that still limit their applications to a wider community.

Topics to be covered by the conference:

  • Materials: 3D perovskites, 2D perovskite derivatives, Double perovskites, Nano-structured perovskite
  • Devices: Solar Cells, LEDs, Piezoelectric nanogenerators, Photo-electrochemical device, Detectors
  • Advance Characterization: Photo-physics, Capacitance and defect studies, Device modelling and simulations, Microscopy, SHG, Piezoelectric etc.

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