7th International and 9th Indian Psychological Science Congress-20

Country: India

City: chandigarh

Abstr. due: 24.10.2020

Dates: 29.10.20 — 30.10.20

Area Of Sciences: Psychology;

Address: 535A, Upper Ground Floor, Ambrosia, OMAX-New Chandigarh-INDIA

Organizing comittee e-mail: roshan257lal@gmail.com

Organizers: National Association of Psychological Science-India

Conference fees and accomodation: VIRTUAL


Theme: Epidemic and Well Being: The Voices of psychology

Covid-19 has irreversibly changed the world we live in; consequently, in crises psychologists have the skills to impact behaviour of an individual up to societal level; the role of psychologists in complex modern human life is very significant. There are calls for a better ‘psychological’ understanding of modern society with its terrorism, crime, mental health, autism, learning disabilities, politics, education, trauma, etc. During the epidemic, the psychologists further proved the global significance and need to recognize the psychology profession for the well-being of humanity. Psychology is a unified science because psychologists of all perspectives agree that the issues must be addressed adequately for the welfare of humanity as society needs psychology and psychology needs society.

                        So, the Voices of Psychology are concerned to restrict quacks’ and pseudo- psychologists/counsellors amidst the rat race and prevailing sense of competition. There is an emergent need of an Independent Psychology Regulatory Authority namely “Psychology Council of India” or “Indian Psychology Council” which can regulate the professional ethics towards the sustainable development and self reliance.

Conference Web-Site: www.napsindia.org