Seminar: Shakespeare in Second and Foreign Language Learning

Country: Greece

City: Athens

Abstr. due: 15.12.2020

Dates: 03.06.21 — 06.06.21

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:;

Organizers: European Shakespeare Research Association



From text to classroom, at all skill and grade levels, and in every medium and format, Shakespeare appears in textbooks and curricula around the world. Educators choose Shakespeare across languages and with recourse to diverse media, encouraged by student recognition of cultural references, images, and quotations which generate a valuable touchstone for teaching literature and theatre, and from there lead to developing critical thinking, artistic expression, language, and communication skills. 

This seminar seeks contributions discussing Shakespeare and education, particularly in educational practice and methodology, curriculum development, and most significantly, language learning in second and foreign language education.

We want to explore and analyse the innovative ways educators use Shakespeare in FLL context. We encourage participants to consider submitting papers that consider the following topics:

  • Fear Factor: Resistance to Shakespeare’s language in teachers and students
  • Shakespeare in Adaptation and Translation: Film, graphic novels, animation in the classroom
  • Shakespeare through Performance: Live Theatre, Student Performance, Digital Theatre
  • Multicultural and Multilingual Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare in Textual Adaptation: Modernised or Simplified
  • Shakespearean References: Shakespeare introduced through references in contemporary popular culture
  • Unspoken Shakespeare: Silent Film, Music, Dance
  • Going Digital: teaching Shakespeare online
  • Shakespeare and informal/non-formal education

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