2021 Michigan Sustainability Conference (MISCON)

Country: USA

City: Lansing

Abstr. due: 15.01.2021

Dates: 02.06.21 — 03.06.21

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Economics and management;

Organizing comittee e-mail: dodged1 AT michigan.gov

Organizers: EGLE


You are invited to present at the 2021 Michigan Sustainability Conference (MISCON) in Lansing, Michigan. We are seeking diverse speakers to share their work advancing sustainability.  MISCON is Michigan’s one-of-a-kind event for transforming social and environmental sustainability. In partnership with Michigan Green Communities, attendees this year will be business and community leaders looking to gain the tools they need to move from traditional procedures to best practices using science, technology, storytelling, and partnerships to meet the underlying demand for social and environmental sustainability.


  • Technical
  • Communication
  • Green/Resilient Communities
  • Research and Innovations
  • Renewable Energy and Alternate Fuels
  • Social Impacts
  • Employee Culture
  • Local Government 
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Public Health
  • Sustainability 101

Conference Web-Site: https://www.michigan.gov/egle/0,9429,7-135-3308_3333-457720--,00.html