Hermes Communication Conference in Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain)

Country: Spain

City: Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, Islas Canarias

Abstr. due: 18.01.2021

Dates: 24.03.21 — 26.03.21

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Universidad de Sevilla

Conference fees and accomodation: 130


Beginning this upcoming 2021, communication researchers will have an annual date at Hermes, the International Conference in Communication, Audiovisual Media and Analysis in Spain and LATAM, to be held on March 25, 26 and 27 in Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain). Hermes will bring together scholars interested in media texts and communication produced in Spanish and Portuguese.

Latin American countries, Portugal and Spain are united by common elements that sink their roots in Greco-Roman culture. This is why we wanted to name this conference "Hermes", the Greek god of communication, oratory and persuasion; in short, the deity will represent the human power to question reality and seek answers to questions that allow us to orient ourselves in the hazardous world we inhabit. As a god that represents change, Hermes gives his name to a conference that aims to offer a scientific perspective on the social and cultural contexts of all the countries that share Spanish and Portuguese as a language, focusing on new trends in the field of audiovisual media and communication. On both sides of the Atlantic, there are countries joined by the use of these languages, but also differentiated by their specific particularities and diverse cultural richness.

Likewise, and as an inevitable result of the meeting, the Spanish identity and that of the Latin American countries -very different from one another- will be put into play. We are particularly interested in analysing the representations of each country that can be found in the cultural and communicative productions made and circulated at a global level.

The location of the conference, in Lanzarote, will allow us to hold relaxed and safe meetings for scientific exchange. It is one of the places in Europe with the lowest number of cases of coronavirus. In addition, we want to offer the possibility of sharing non formal contexts where we know that interesting projects and synergies often arise.

Therefore, Hermes will take place in one of the safest areas in the world nowadays: the Canary Islands. A meeting place -that's what we want to think- between these two twinned continents: Europe and America. Lanzarote, known as "the different island", will allow us to combine scientific work with cultural and social events that will enrich our understanding of our common heritage.

Although this conference has room for different perspectives within communication studies, we wanted to choose a wide range of thematic axes that will be led by colleagues of recognized prestige in order to outline our priorities. These lines are:

  1. New digital scenarios
  2. Corporations and society: a  new context of communication
  3. Politics, communication and deliberative democracy
  4. Audiovisual and photographic productions
  5. Visual and performing arts and music production
  6. Media representations of Spain
  7. Media representations of Latin America and its conforming countries

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