Numerous Numerosity

Country: United Kingdom

City: (online)

Abstr. due: 16.05.2021

Dates: 24.05.21 — 28.05.21

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math;

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Organizers: Carlos Zapata, Laura Gonzalez


May 24-28

Interdisciplinary conferece to answer broadly "What are Numbers?"


Stephen Wolfram (Wolfram Research)
Jessica Flack (Santa Fe Institute)
Rafael Núñez (University of California - San Diego)
Regina Fabry (Ruhr University - Bochum)
David Krakauer (Santa Fe Institute)
Nicolas Gisin (University of Geneva, Schaffhausen Institute of Technology)
Karenleigh A. Overmann (University of Colorado - Colorado Springs)
Andrea Sereni (University School for Advanced Studies Pavia)
Grace W. Lindsay (Columbia University)
Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College London)
Menachem Magidor (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Mathematical Cognition | Foundations of Physics | Evolution | Philosophy of #Mathematics | Cognitive Anthropology | Number Theory | Computation | Complexity | Set Theory


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