The Ershov Informatics Conference (PSI'2011)

Country: Russian Federation

City: Новосибирск

Abstr. due: 26.01.2011

Dates: 27.06.11 — 01.07.11

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Organizers: Institute of Informatics Systems SB RAS,


 The Ershov Informatics Conference


 The Ershov Informatics Conference (the PSI Conference Series, the 8th edition) is the premier international forum in Russia for research and itsapplications in computer, software and information sciences. The conference brings together academic and industrial researchers, developers and users to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the conference area. The Ershov Informatics Conference is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of a pioneer in theoretical and system programming research, academician Andrei Petrovich Ershov (1931-1988) and to the 100th anniversary of one of the founders of cybernetics, a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences Alexei Andreevich Lyapunov (1911-1973). [CONFERENCE TOPICS] 1. Foundations of Program and System Development and Analysis - specification, validation, and verification techniques,- program analysis, transformation and synthesis,- semantics, logic and formal models of programs,- partial evaluation, mixed computation, abstract interpretation, compiler construction,- theorem proving and model checking,- concurrency theory,- modeling and analysis of real-time and hybrid systems,- computer models and algorithms for bioinformatics. 2. Programming Methodology and Software Engineering - object-oriented, aspect-oriented, component-based and generic programming,- programming by contract, - program and system constructionfor parallel and distributed computing, - constraint programming, - multi-agent technology, - system re-engineering and reuse, - integrated programming environments, - software architectures, - software development and testing, - model-driven system/software development, - agile software development, - software engineering methods and tools, - program understanding and visualization. 3. Information Technologies - data models,- database and information systems,- knowledge-based systems and knowledge engineering,- bioinformatics engineering,- ontologies and semantic Web,- digital libraries, collections and archives, Web publishing,- peer-to-peer data management.  [Steering Committee]Dines Bjorner, Technical University of Denmark, DenmarkManfred Broy, Institut fuer Informatik, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, GermanyVictor Ivannikov, Institute for System Programming RAS, Moscow, RussiaBertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and Eiffel Software, USALeonid Libkin, University of Edinburgh, UK Honorary Member: Tony Hoare, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

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