2012 START Programme – Stipends for Young Researchers

Country: Poland;

Deadline: 30.10.2011

Web-Site: fnp.org.pl

Special conditions: Level:Employees or doctoral students at an institution

Address: Foundation of Polish Sciences


Funding for  young researchers, at the outset of their career, who have already achieved some success in their field.

The stipends serve as recognition of the scientific attainments so far by these young scholars and as an incentive for further growth by enabling them to devote themselves fully to their research.

Young scholars are eligible to apply for stipends if they:
* are no older than 30 during the year when the application is filed * (or 32 in the case of candidates who have taken maternity or childrearing leave),
* are employees or doctoral students at an institution of higher learning or other Polish institution whose chartered purposes include conducting scientific research, and
* have scientific attainments, as documented by publications in recognised scientific journals.