“2013 Application Guide & Scholarship for int’l students”

Country: Korea;

Deadline: 09.09.2011


KAIST Information & Media MBA
                                                                                                            for Int’l Students
 < About KAIST Information and Media MBA Program >

  The    Info &  Media    MBA   aims   to  provide   management     education    specialized  in  the                                                               2013

 IT/Broadcasting/Telecom/Media/Content   convergence   industry. Therefore,   the   curriculum

 is   focused   not   only   on   general  management  training,   but   also   on   courses   related   to   the
 recent trends, industry and technology of IT media.                                                                 Rigorous Education

   In particular, the program consists of courses in management & marketing strategy related

 to the changes of platforms &  networks, the appearance of smart devices, vitalization of

 social media, and changes in the smart business environment under the circumstance of the

 rapidly changing trends of Entertainment and Media Contents.

  The   majority   of   the   student   body   consists   of   MBA   students   from   the  IT/Media   related

 industry.   The   Info  & Media   MBA   is   a   54   credit/1-year   program   and   provides   a   2   week

 customized     training  program   in  the  area  of  Media   Entertainment    during  the  summer

 semester in the University of Southern California of L.A. in USA.

 Why KAIST Info. & Media MBA?
   1. One Year Full-Time MBA Program: Intensive training and Effect

     Program has a total of 54 credits in 1 year (same as 2 year MBA program)

  2. IT/New Media/Entertainment Industry Specialized Training

   3. Field Study for MBA students

     - Business Consulting Practice for training as business specialists

     - IT/Media related company-visit twice a year

  4. Global Education

     - 80% of the classes during the year are taught in English
     - 2 week customized training program(international field trip) during summer semester