9th International Conference on Plasma Assisted Technologies (ICPAT)

Country: Russian Federation

City: St. Petersburg

Abstr. due: 10.03.2014

Dates: 23.06.14 — 25.06.14

Area Of Sciences: Physics and math; Chemistry;

Address: 1729 Court Petit, McLean, VA 22101, USA.

Organizing comittee e-mail: ibmatveev@gmail.com

Organizers: Applied Plasma Technologies, LLC

Conference fees and accomodation: Registration fee - 500 US Dollars


ICPAT will provide a forum to present and discuss scientific and engineering aspects of different plasma based technologies, including plasma generation, fuels ignition, plasma assisted combustion, hydrocarbons conversion and activation, coal gasification and combustion, gases ionization, waste destruction for power generation, plasma enhanced propulsion, pollutions reduction, surface modifications, water, wood, and construction materials treatment, and production of hydrogen-enriched gases.

ICPAT will help to bridge a gap between theoretical investigations and industrial needs.

ICPAT will have at least 13 sections with further round tables:
1. Plasma Generation, Diagnostics, and Modeling
2. Plasma Ignition and Flame Control
3. Fuel Reformation and Activation
4. Plasma Flow Dynamics
5. Plasma Kinetics
6. Electric Propulsion
7. Power Sources
8. New Plasma Effects and Perspective Applications
9. Coal, Bio-mass, and Waste into Energy Processing
10. Water Treatment
11. Plasma Treatment for Coatings and Surface Modification
12. Plasma Mining and Mineral Processing
13. Business Forum

ICPAT-9 will announce and honor new members of the International Council of Plasma Assisted Combustion Experts.

From 2009, because of limited number of oral presentations, it is combined with a poster session.

Conference Web-Site: http://www.plasmacombustion.com/iwepac.html