V International Symposium \"Biogenic - abiogenic interactions in natural and anthropogenic systems "

Country: Russian Federation

City: Saint Petersburg

Abstr. due: 01.05.2014

Dates: 20.10.14 — 22.10.14

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Biology; Geology and mineralogy;

Organizing comittee e-mail: symposium.spboe@gmail.com

Organizers: Saint-Petersburg State University Saint-Petersburg Naturalists Society Russian Mineralogical Society V.V. Dokuchaev Soil Scientists Society Russian Geological Society A.I. Gerzen Russian State Pedagogical University

Conference fees and accomodation: Registration fee provided for early registration and payment – 3000 RUR (70 euro). For students and postgraduates – 1500 RUR (35 euro). Registration fee after 01.05.14 – 3500 RUR (80 euro). For students and postgraduates – 2000 RUR (45 euro). Correspondence participation (publication of abstracts) – 1500 RUR.


Within the symposium it is supposed to consider on interactions between biogenic and abiogenic components in a lithosphere, biosphere and technospere.

Topics to be covered:

  •  Methods for studying the interactions between biogenic and abiogenic components ;
  •  Geochemistry  of biogenic-abiogenic systems;
  •  Biomineralization in geosystems;
  •  Mineral formation in living organisms and biomimetic materials;
  •  Medical geology;
  •  Organic mineralogy;
  •  Biomineral interactions in soil;
  •  The role of living organisms in the destruction of cultural heritage.
Information source:http://www.minsoc.ru/confs.php?id=26&cid=1391

Conference Web-Site: http://spboe.ru/node/148