1st International Congress on Applied Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment HydroMedit 2014

Country: Greece

City: Volos

Abstr. due: 31.05.2014

Dates: 13.11.14 — 15.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Biology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: hydromedit2014@apae.uth.gr

Organizers: Department of Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment, School of Agricultural Sciences, University of Thessaly


 General fields of interest, among others, will be the following:

Field 1st: Aquaculture

  •         Sustainable & Organic Aquaculture
  •          Aquaculture Genetics, Physiology, Nutrition & Welfare
  •          Novel management practices
  •          Ichthyopathology
  •          Innovative Biotechnological applications & products
  •          Aquaculture - Environment interactions
  •          Products & techniques of promotion
  •          Sustainability criteria of the enterprises
  •          Product authentication & certification
  •          Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture
  •          New species: e.g. Molluscs, Algae and Seaweeds
  •         New Farming Methods and Techniques
  •        Technological Development and Production Systems

Field 2nd: Fisheries Technology

  •          Fisheries stock management
  •          Fisheries Policy
  •          Management of Renewable Biological Resources
  •          New Fishing Techniques and Methods
  •          Fishery socio-economic indices
  •          Monitoring environmental hygiene
  •          Hygiene of Products and Consumer’s Safety
  •          Product control & microorganisms risk assessment
  •          Processing of Products & quality

Field 3rd: Environmental Management

  •          Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Aquaculture
  •          Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Fisheries
  •          Environmental Management Systems
  •          Sustainable water resources management
  •          Environmental planning
  •          Environmental risk management
  •      Ecosystem conservation & biodiversity

 Field 4th: Fisheries Economics

  •          Competitive fisheries products
  •          Fisheries products marketing
  •          Fisheries Politics, Policies & sustainable management of fisheries production
  •          Innovative productivity in fisheries production

 Field 5th: Inland Aquatic Resources

  •          Eco-Hydraulics & Potamology
  •          Eco-Hydrology & Limnology
  •          Watershed, Wetlands and Aquatic Systems Management
  •          Estuary Ecosystems, Transitional waters
  •         Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing in Aquatic Environment
  •         Mathematical Models and Monitoring of Aquatic Environment
  •         Legislation, Directives and Frameworks

Conference Web-Site: http://hydromedit2014.apae.uth.gr/index.php/en/2014-01-21-09-39-14/1st-nnouncement