International Conference On Mosque, Zakat Dan Waqf 2014

Country: Malaysia

City: Kuala Lumpur

Abstr. due: 01.06.2014

Dates: 01.12.14 — 01.12.14

Address: Bandar Seri Putra, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, MALAYSIA.

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor


Masjid, Zakat and Waqf are most important elements in the development of Insan, Social, state, and ummah (nation). These three elements strongly related each other. The roles and significant of these elements should be seen comprehensively and integrally, especially in its relation to the Insan, Social, state, and ummah. The main role of the masjid is to be centre of daily life for insan and ummah, which leads to improve the understanding of the religion. It will realized through education programme, creating sytem for zakat's collection and distribution, and controlling waqf and serve ummah in their needs. Thus, the integrational function on Masjid, Zakat and Waqf very important towards strengthen relation and cooperation between these three elements.


Recognizing the importance of Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf in social and nation development, Al-Azhar Masjid, Selangor International Islamic University College (SIIUC) will organize international conference on Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf. This conference gives opportunity to discuss, present, and knowledge sharing among the participants, which is related to Masjid, Zakat, and Waqf theoretically and practically. This confrence also focus on research and study that include all scientific field and current issues and challenges.

This conference will be in three languages: Malay language, English Language and Arabic Language.

OBJECTIVES1. Strengthen and establish the position of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf locally, nationally and globally.
2. Identifying issues related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf theoretical and practical.
3. Submitting and giving solution on the issues related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf.
4. Improving the management and administration of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf.
5. Optimizing the role of Masjid, Zakat and Waqf in Ummah development.
6. Providing individuals who are ready and able to face issues and challenges related to Masjid, Zakat and Waqf. SUB-THEMES ON MOSQUE 1. Masjid and Individual, Social, Daulah & Ummah Development
2. Masjid as a center of education
3. Formal and informal education in Masjid
4. Masjid and Intellectual Growth
5. Masjid and its Role from Historical Perspective
6. Masjid and it's management: Issues and challenges
7. Masjid and leadership: Issues and challenges
8. Masjid and organizing programme
9. Scope and Role of Regional and Local Masjids
10. Masjid and Information Technology application
11. Masjid and management on 'Khairat Kematian'
12. Masjid and architecture

SUB-THEMES ON WAQF 1. Corporatization of Waqf
2. Waqf Fund and Management
3. Waqf Financing
4. Waqf and The Role of Economic Development
5. Country/state/institution case studies
6. Waqf and Economic's development and investment
7. Waqf and Local Economic Development
8. Waqf and Social Development
9. Waqf and laws
10. Shariah, Legal & Regulatory
11. Corporate Governance on waqf institution
12. Waqf Integration in Islamic Financial Services
13. Institution of waqf and its role
14. Waqf and Information Technology application
15. Waqf and Financial Institution
16. Exploration of waqf fund
17. Development of Waqf and its oppurtunity
18. Management of waqf property
19. Management of waqf land development
20. Administration of waqf land
21. Acquisition og waqf land SUB-THEMES ON ZAKAT

1. Zakat and Individual, Social, Daulah & Ummah Development
2. Zakat's collection: Issues & Challenges
3. Zakat's distribution: Issues & Challenges
4. Asnaf Zakat: Issues & Challenges
5. Zakat and poverty alleviation
6. Zakat and education
7. Zakat and its macroeconomic implications
8. Zakat and sustainable growth with equity
9. Zakat and fiscal policy
10. Policy reform for zakat development
11. Zakat and microfinancing institutions
12. Zakat and improvement of entrepreneurship
13. Zakat and micro-insurance of the poor
14. Zakat institution and rural development
15. Integration of zakat and waqf in economic development
16. Zakat and information technology aplication
17. System for zakat's collection and distribution management
18. Role of 'amil in Zakat's Institution
19. Perception on Detail of Zakat Fund
20. Religiosity and accountability of zakat's payer
21. Tax's implementation and Zakat's enforcement
22. Effectiveness of zakat's distribution



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