3rd International Conference on Electrospinning

Country: USA

City: San Francisco

Abstr. due: 01.07.2014

Dates: 04.08.14 — 06.08.14

Area Of Sciences: Nanotech; Chemistry; Technical sciences;

Address: 50 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Organizing comittee e-mail: wsigm@mse.ufl.edu

Organizers: University of Florida


Electrospin 2014 is a biennial event created to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and students to exchange knowledge and advance the field of electrospinning, nanomaterials and their applications. The conference addresses theory; all materials, including polymers, metals and ceramics; applications in energy storage and harvesting; filtration; materials for sustainability; biomedical applications and more. Special focus will be given to the fast growing field of ceramic nanomaterials.


Advances in electrospinning theory and modeling

  • Energy storage and harvesting with electrospun or sprayed materials
  • Novel developments in electrospinning and other nanofiber fabrication technologies
  • Polymer nanofibers
  • Ceramic and composite nanofibers
  • Biomedical applications of electrospun materials
  • Filtration and textiles
  • Electrospinning for green materials and sustainability


Conference Web-Site: http://ceramics.org/meetings/3rd-international-conference-on-electrospinning