The Leibniz Institut e of Eu rop ean History (IEG) awards Research fellowships for international PhD - students

Country: Germany;

Deadline: 01.08.2014


Scholarship AnnouncementTheLeibnizInstitute of EuropeanHistory(IEG)awardsResearch fellowships for internationalPhD-studentsfor a research stay in Mainz fromJanuary 2015or later.ProfileThe IEGawards research fellowships for international junior scientist in his-tory, theology and other historical subjects. The IEGpromotes research onthe historical foundations of Europefrom theearly modern periodto con-temporary history, particularlytheirreligious,politicalandsocialdimen-sions. Projects dealing with Europeancommunication and transfer process-esas well as projects focusing on questions related to theology, church his-tory and intellectual historyare particularly welcome.What we offerFunding iscurrently€ 1200/month.Research fellows live andworkfor at least 6 monthsandup to 12monthsat the Institute in Mainzand can pursue their individual PhD-project.They arealsoinvited to col-laborate with the academic staff of the IEG,according to their particularfields and interests( Institute’sspecialistlibrary and thewideracademicinfrastructure ofMainzare available to them for their research.RequirementsApplications are invited from doctoral candidates of any national background. Applicants must have a firstdegree in history, theology or another historical subject.They should not have pursued their PhD-work formore than three years when taking up the fellowship.PhD-thesescontinue to besupervised andarecom-pletedundertheauspicesof thefellows' home universities.Fellows are obliged to register officiallyinMainzandtoreside and take part in events at theInstitute. Theyshouldhave asufficientcommand ofGermanso as to participate in discussions at the Institute.Fellows are not permitted toundertake paidwork while receiving the IEG-