Künstlerhaus Lukas

Country: Germany;

Deadline: 31.07.2014


Conditions for Application
All artists who work professionally and have their main residence in Germany or the other Baltic littoral states (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian Federation, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark) as well as Norway or Iceland can apply for a scholarship at Künstlerhaus Lukas. There are no limitations regarding nationality or age of applicants. The scholarships at Künstlerhaus Lukas and its partners are artist-in-residence-programmes requiring recipients of scholarships to stay there. Guests who do not come from a country belonging to the European Union need to display a health insurance certificate. A good command of German or English is required.

Scholarship – Benefits
Each year, the following scholarships are offered in these fields: Fine Arts (painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, book art, video, arts and crafts/design), literature (narrative literature, lyrics, drama, screenplay, essay, literary translations), dance (choreography, performance) and music (composition):

• work scholarships tenable for one month at Künstlerhaus Lukas
• work scholarships tenable for one month at Künstlerhaus Lukas and in Sweden including an exhibition and publication of a catalogue: for young artists from Mecklenburg-Western  
  Pomerania, Sweden and Lithuania
• one-month invitations to artists as guests of honour
• exchange scholarships tenable for one month
• project scholarships tenable for two months
• ten-day interdisciplinary workshop scholarships for up to 7 participants

For a detailed description of the scholarships look here:

• Residence Scholarships
• Project Scholarships
• Exchange Scholarships
• Workshops
• Guest of Honour Programme

Please use our Application Form.

Recipients of scholarships will not be eligible to re-apply for 5 years. However, they are welcome to take part in the interdisciplinary workshop.

Furthermore, artists from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are invited to apply for the exchange scholarships at Künstlerhaus Lukas through the tendering process of the federal state. Artists from Saxony-Anhaltine may also apply at art foundation Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt for a work scholarship in Ahrenshoop.

• Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation)

• Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Opportunities for Work and Equipment
There are seven rent-free apartments and one guest room available. Four apartments consist of a living room (ca 12 sqm) and a studio (ca 22 sqm), while the three remaining apartments consist of a combined study and living room (11, 13 and 23 sqm). The apartments are fully furnished. As a rule, each room has private bathroom facilities, a telephone connection and a refrigerator as well as a radio/tape-recorder/CD-player. Bed linen and towels will be provided. There is a room with a washing machine which can be used by recipients of scholarships.

Pets are not allowed!

On the third floor, there is a public PC workstation with an internet connection. Besides, it is possible to use the high-speed DSL internet connection from every room free of charge. Please bring a WiFi enabled laptop.

Communicative meeting points in the house are a lounge/public room, two common kitchens and two terraces. In the exhibition and performance room, there is a piano and a small library. In Ahrenshoop, there is a local library which can be used.

In the basement of Künstlerhaus Lukas, there are a small photographic laboratory (please bring your own chemicals) and a small printing and bookbinding workshop. An etching press is available which can print up to A3 size as well as a proof press for bookbinding up to A2 size. Copperplate paper and passepartout board is available for purchase price. Etching needle, inking roller and iron-III-chloride (ferric chloride) for etching are available.

If required, the following devices can be borrowed for artistic purposes: an electronic typewriter, a laptop, two projectors and a hi-fi system. Professional recording devices for composers and musicians are available upon agreement in cooperation with „Klanggalerie“ (Sound Gallery) in Ahrenshoop or with Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock (College of Music and Theatre).

Unfortunately, partners and family cannot stay at Kuenstlerhaus Lukas with recipients of scholarships. The rooms are intended and suitable only for concentrated work. For single artists with small children, specific arrangements with day care centres might be found in exceptional circumstances. Visitors of recipients of scholarships may stay overnight only in consultation with Künstlerhaus Lukas. Visitors are asked to pay 12 € per night and person.

Scholarship Value
The value of the scholarships will be determined annually according to the budget. At present it is 1000 € plus free-of-charge-use of atelier/workshop and apartment. Additional money for travel, material or transport cannot be granted. Regarding costs for projects and events organized by recipients of scholarships as well as for traveling to exhibitions, decisions will be made according to the budget on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Procedure
The scholarships will be publicly advertised in the countries mentioned above. An independent specialized selection committee decides on the applicants chosen. The members of the selection committee will be appointed by the advisory board of the association „Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V.“ for 24 months. The names of the members of the selection committee will be published annually after the selection process has finished. The selection committee does not justify or explain its decisions either publicly or to the applicants. There is no legal right to claim a scholarship.

For all scholarships, the following documents are required:

  • CV including artistic background and information about previous sponsorship 
    (max 3 pages)
  • Samples of work:    • minimum 10, maximum 20 photos
                                 • or other graphic material of artistic work, maximum 3 catalogues
                                   (no slides, no photo-CDs, no Mac-files, format max DIN A4[=297x210mm])
                                 • for literature/translation: max 1 book and/or max 25 pages of script (for    
                                   non-German applications, a short synopsis and a work sample of 1-2
                                   pages is requested)
                                 • for dance, composition and video: maximum 3 video tapes, DVDs or     
                                   music-CDs, maximum 3
pieces of musical scores or sheet music

• Description of the artistic work planned
  (maximum 1 page A4, for project scholarships maximum 3 pages A4).

Additionally, reference to websites can be given. (However, websites as single means of documentation of one’s artistic work will not be accepted.)  Please do not hand in original works of art because we do not accept liability for any damage.

All applicants are required to use our application form. Please include the type of scholarship you wish to apply for and a short description of the artistic work planned. Applications via E-Mail will not be accepted.

Please use the Application Form.

Applicants are required to pay an administrative fee of 10 €
for the application process
and return postage.

Please transfer the money to:
Kuenstlerhaus Ahrenshoop e.V.
IBAN DE 25 1505 0500 0537 0033 63
bank: Sparkasse Vorpommern

Applications will not be processed and the documentation will not be returned until the administrative fee has been received.

The deadline for applications for scholarships in 2016 and 2017 is 31th July 2015 (postmark).

Applications should be send to:            Künstlerhaus Lukas
                                                          Dorfstraße 35
                                                          D-18347 Ahrenshoop - Germany

If you have any further questions regarding your application, please do not hesitate to call our staff or to send us an E-Mail between 15th May and 30th July 2015. Telephone number +49 (0)3 82 20 - 69 420, E-Mail post@kuenstlerhaus-lukas.de.