5th Annual Reconstruction and Experimental Archaeology Conference (RE-Arc)

Country: USA

City: Gastonia

Abstr. due: 30.08.2014

Dates: 17.10.14 — 19.10.14

Area Of Sciences: History and archeology;

Organizing comittee e-mail: wschindler2@washcoll.edu

Organizers: Society of Experimental Archaeology and Primitive Technology (SEAPT)


The Society of Experimental Archaeology and Primitive Technology (SEAPT) will be holding its 5th annual conference Reconstruction and Experimental archaeology (RE-Arc) October 17 through the 19th this year.  We would like to formally invite anyone who is interested to come. It is a small but growing group of professionals, re-constructionist, primitive technologists, academics, and mostly students. We have held the conference at the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC every year now and we would like to thank them by having another great conference with a larger open to the public portion of it. We are looking for presentations, posters, and papers that go with this years theme of experimenting with ancient food-ways or any research that is related to experimental archaeology, primitive technology, or reconstruction. If you have been performing that kind of research or have students or friends that have performed such please feel encouraged to present it. Our call for papers is August 30th. Even if you don't have a paper or research please come by and enjoy the conference. 

The purpose of the Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference is to promote and stimulate interest in reconstructive and experimental archaeology; to serve as a "bridging organization" between all related groups and individuals involved in this field; to support and facilitate an active and open exchange of information between all related groups; to serve as a bond among those interested in this and related subjects; to publish and to encourage publication; to advocate and to aid in the conservation and development of related data; and to encourage an appreciation, high standards, development and support for the scientific application of reconstructive and experimental archaeological research.

There are 7 basic sections to the annual conference.  
1. a key note address;
2. individual paper presentations;
3. break-out sessions (where participants can participate in a specific structured activities);
4. poster sessions
5. the Ground Breakers Dinner and Fire Keepers Award Presentation;
6. demonstrations and discussions open to the general public
7. various experiential activities and opportunities
We occasionally hold a "round table discussion" on a specific topic(s) of interest to the entire group.

Conference Web-Site: http://www.rearc.us/