ERRIC/IRFC (1st European Railway Research and Innovation Conference/5th International Rail Freight Conference)

Country: Czech Republic

City: Prague

Abstr. due: 31.08.2014

Dates: 18.03.15 — 20.03.15

Area Of Sciences: Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: OLTIS group



English, Russian, Czech

Day 1

    Research and Innovation – Driver of Competitiveness (expected speakers from UNIFE, European Commission, UIC, UNECE + R&D, world...)
    Rail Freight Competitiveness (expected speakers from European Commission, UIC, CER, OSJD)
    Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking (expected speakers from JU, GB, SB, SRG and ERA)
    Liberalization of Rail Freight Business (expected speakers from European Commission, CER, UIC, OTIF and MEP)

Day 2
Conference ERRIC                                                                         

    Energy & Mass Efficient Technologies for High Capacity Trains
    On-board systems to boost capacity efficiency and sustainability
    Interaction between rolling stock and infrastructure
    Rolling stock technical framework
    Rolling stock interoperability framework                          
    Advance Traffic Management & Control Systems  
    ERTMS-related topics
    Technical framework
    Interoperability framework
    Integrated mobility management
    Maintenance topics
    Electromagnetic compatibility
    Data management                                           
    Cost Efficient - High Capacity Infrastructure  
    Infrastructure components
    Tunnels, bridges, etc.
    Noise and vibrations
    Data management
    Interface to integrated mobility management
    IT Solutions for a Seamless Attractive Railway Transport
    Multimodal ticketing solutions and shopping
    Travel companion
    Interoperability framework
    Trip tracking
    Business analytics
    Integrated mobility management                                                  
    Technologies for Sustainable & Attractive European Freight  
    Intermodal terminals
    Access / operation and data management, relation to integrated mobility management
    Freight wagons (electrification, automated coupling, automatic brake test, etc.)
    Propulsion, traction rolling stock
    Single wagon loads, first/last mile solution, logistics
    Purpose and role of railway research
    Financial, political and legislative aspects


Conference IRFC

    New Systems for Euro-Asian Land-bridge
    Shipments in practice
    Support for transportation
    Goods tracking
    Exceptional consignments
    New Technologies for Interoperability 1435/1520
    Development of the railway network
    Logistic centres
    Technology for transitions with different gauges
    Border crossing stations
    Freight Market Development
    Shipment of single wagonload
    Last-mile infrastructure systems
    Intermodal Logistics for Freight
    Intermodal and combined transport
    Intermodal and container terminals
    Public logistics centres
    New technological systems
    Innovations in Railway Equipment
    Freight wagons
    Technical equipment
    Rolling stock register (RSRD, etc.)
    Intelligent vehicle

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