Limerick Postgraduate Day and Conference 2014

Country: Ireland

City: Limerick

Abstr. due: 30.08.2014

Dates: 21.11.14 — 22.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Humanities; Arts; Cultural science;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: The University of Limerick in conjunction with the Katherine Mansfield Society.


Katherine Mansfield is widely regarded as one of the most influential short story writers of the twentieth century: her experiments with subject matter, style, theme, setting, handling of subjectivity, and point of view have had a lasting impact on the genre.  Like her contemporary James Joyce, Mansfield simplified plot to highlight a moment of revelation, thereby approaching, in Willa Cather’s words, “the major forces of life through comparatively trivial incidents.”  A passionate reader and translator of Chekhov, an accomplished musician, a sometime-actress and impersonator with a deep interest in cinema, and a friend and associate of numerous painters and writers, Mansfield brought to the short story form a wide-ranging engagement with the aesthetic movements of her time.  As the “little colonial walking in the London garden patch,” moreover, Mansfield exemplifies Edward Said’s contention that “Modern Western culture is in large part the work of exiles, émigrés, refugees.”

We invite proposals for this two-day international conference.  The first day of the conference will feature postgraduate scholarship; the second day of the conference is open to all Mansfield scholars. Proposals should address the multiple ways in which Mansfield engaged with and contributed to the short story form. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

    Mansfield and her contemporaries (Joyce, Woolf, Lawrence, Rhys)
    Mansfield and the modernist short story
    Mansfield and Chekhov
    Mansfield and women writers of the short story
    Mansfield and New Zealand
    Mansfield and the little magazines
    Mansfield’s use of other media (e.g. music, cinema, painting)
    Mansfield and narrative theory
    Mansfield and exilic subjectivity
    Thematic innovations (domesticity; home; food; marriage)
    Mansfield and urban geographies; the flaneuse; travel

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