Second International Congress on Energy Security in Southeast Europe

Country: Turkey

City: Izmir

Abstr. due: 31.08.2014

Dates: 06.11.14 — 08.11.14

Area Of Sciences: Ecology; Technical sciences;

Organizing comittee e-mail:

Organizers: Hacettepe University, Center for Energy Markets Application & Research



Energy sources and systems,

Water sources and systems,

Alternative and renewable energy sources,

Refining and petrochemical capacity of southeast Mediterranean, Balkan, Caucasia and Black Sea regions,

Natural resources and their impact on development of these regions,

Identifying potential sources for new gas resources special emphasis on Caspian and Mediterranean as well as northern Iraq,

Energy sources management,

Energy sources, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development,

Southern Corridor, recent development on TANAP and TAP,

Public Private Partnership choice for energy security investments,

International financing of energy security investments,

Sustainability of energy security systems and policies,

Decision making on energy policies,

Political stability and energy security,

Understanding fiscal, regulatory and legal framework,

The role of international organizations in energy security,

Advancing international and regional cooperation in energy security,

Possible future conflicts grown out of energy poverty,

Protection of critical infrastructure,

Environmental quality and regulation,

Carbon Disclosure Projects,

Energy and climate change,

Climate, natural hazards and disasters,

Safety in operation, working conditions and employee security in energy industry,

Occupational safety and health in energy sector,

Safety measures and operational safety precautions in energy plants or stations,

Prevention of occupational accidents or work accidents in energy industry.

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