International Conference on Economics, Energy, Environment and Agricultural Sciences

Country: Malaysia

City: Kuala Lumpur

Abstr. due: 01.09.2014

Dates: 01.11.14 — 02.11.14

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Organizers: PAK Research and Development Wing


Economics1. Computational Economics2.International Trade, Financial Development and Economic Growth3.Fiscal and Monetary Polices4.Development, Urban and Health Economics5.Econometric Applications6.Financial Economics7.Economics of Organizations8.High Frequency Modelling9.Efficiency & Productivity10.Efficiency & Productivity Analysis11.Mathematical & Computational Modelling12.Education Economics13.Public Finance14. Defence Economics15.Real Estate Economics16.Transportation Economics17.Religious Economics18.Population Economics19.Financial Instability and Macroeconomics20.Macro-financial Linkages21.Market Micro-structure, Asset Pricing and Stock Liquidity22.Monetary Policy and Capital Markets23.Behavioral Inefficiencies in Financial Markets24.Emerging Market Finance25.Insurance26.Corporate Finance and Investments27.Financial Markets and Institutions28.Banking and Finance29. International Finance30. International Business31. Financial Modelling32. Business Statistics33. Entrepreneurship34. Human Resource Development35. Competence-based Management Development36. Developing Leadership Skills37. Developing Women for Management38. Global Management39. The New Technology of Management DevelopmentEnergy and Environmental Sciences1. Financial and Energy Markets2. Energy Demand and Economic Growth, ICT and Energy Consumption3. Energy Research and Development4. Sources of Energy and Sustainable Growth5. Environmental Impact of Economic Growth6. Globalization and its Role in Environmental Quality7. Financial Instability, Energy and Environment8. Urban Economics and Environmental Assessment9. FDI, Growth and CO2 Emissions10. Environmental Geology11. Concentrations and Dispersion of Wastes in Air12. Environmental Impact Assessment13. Water and Soil, Point and Non-point Sources Pollution14. Transport and Fate of Pollutants in the Environment15. Soil Bio-degradation and Bio-remediation of Contaminated Sites16. Industrial Ecology17. Ecological and Human Risk Assessment18. Water Management and Sustainable Growth19. Pollution and Human Health20. Environmental RestorationAgriculture1. Agricultural Economic Theory and Policy2. Agricultural Market3. Agricultural R&D and Extension4. Employment, Labour use and Migration5. Agribusiness6. Rural Scoiology, Agricultural Sociology7. Development of Rural Non-agricultural Industries8. Resource Economics and Environment Protection9. Rural Household Behaviour10. Agricultural Lending and Credit Issues11. Microfinance and Microcredit applied to Agriculture and Rural Development12. Businesses and Financial Risks affecting Agriculture and Agribusiness13. Risk Management Strategies including the use of Futures and Options14. Crop Sciences15. Forestry Management16. Plant-Silvy Culture17. Animal Sciences18. Fishery Management19. Soil Science20. Soil and Water Conservation21. Agricultural Engineering22. Food Processing23. Post-Harvest Technology

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