Vacancies for scientific administrators for 2021 year

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Vacancies for scientific administrators for 2021 year

Vacancies for scientists and lecturers are presented in this section. They are sorted by the creation date. Vacancies are weekly collected from dozens of job search sites sites worldwide. Use navigation filters to display vacancies by type, employer type or scientific area. To add your vacancy use this link.


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Lyngby, Denmark
A 3-year PhD fellowship is available in organic chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, DTU from February 1, 2021 or soon thereafter. The fellowship is funded by a Green Transition grant from Independent Research Fund Denmark and will be carried out under the supervision of Professor Robert Madsen. The purpose of the project is to develop new radical reactions on glycerol to generate renewable products with potential high-value applications.
Lyngby, Denmark
UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is a leading international research and advisory institution on energy, climate and sustainable development, within the Department of Technology, Management and Economics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, Europe
The Schuman traineeships are paid and can be undertaken at one of the European Parliament’s official places of work – Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg – or in its Liaison Offices in the Member States. Read more:
Fez, Morocco
The American Cultural Association of Morocco is seeking applicants for the position of Center Director for the American Language Center (ALC) and the Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF). The Center Director is responsible for managing the center, including financial and operational management, overseeing the academic program, teacher recruitment, training and evaluation and cultural and community initiatives.
Los Angeles, USA
The Wellman Chair in Medieval History. The UCLA History Department seeks a senior historian of any region of Europe (including the Byzantine world) focusing on any period from late antiquity to 1400. We are searching for a senior Associate or a Full Professor with a distinguished research and publication record, who is a leader in the field as well as a dedicated teacher and mentor. A PhD in history or a related field is required. The search will close and the committee will begin reviewing applications on November 1, 2020.
Uppsala , Sweden
Research, teaching and administration. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct research with a strong laboratory base that reinforces and complements research into functional imaging and targeted therapy that is already underway at SciLifeLab. The position involves responsibility for developing and implementing first, second and third-cycle studies within the subject area, including course coordination and administration and supervision of doctoral students. The successful candidate will also be required to follow developments in their own field and any general societal development of significance to work at the University. Administrative tasks and internal and external elected office may arise.
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
The Design Studies program is delivered at RMIT Saigon South campus and was recently introduced in our campus in Hanoi. This program is suited to students who want to combine a broad design education with the opportunity to specialize in particular creative streams. The first year introduces them to a range of foundational skills and theories, such as drawing, typography, composition, color and computing. From the second year, they can specialize in two of the following areas: graphic design and visual communication, fashion design, interior design, illustration, and user interaction design.
New Jersey, USA
We're currently seeking a Research Project Manager for our English Language Learning and Assessment (ELLA) area which conducts research on assessments for English learners in the U.S. and abroad, aiming to advance foundational knowledge and improve practices in assessing English language proficiency in academic and workplace settings, and developing knowledge and capabilities to support new teaching and learning solutions for language learners of all ages worldwide.
Lewisburg, USA
This is a one-year position, from approximately mid-August to early May, with the possibility of renewal for a second year (contingent upon favorable evaluations). This is a 25-hour per week, limited benefits eligible position. This position is an excellent stepping-stone for a student who has recently completed their undergraduate studies or is about to graduate, and who is interested in pursuing an MFA in studio art but prefers a few additional years to develop a stronger portfolio and gain experience. The Art Assistant hired for this position will have 24/7 access to the photo facilities to work on their own projects when not involved in Art Assistant duties.
London, United Kingdom
World Nuclear Association, the international organization representing the global nuclear industry, would like to recruit a Senior Project Manager with expertise in radiological protection to lead its work in the areas of radiological protection, recycling, waste management and decommissioning.