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Пропоную вашій увазі ссилки на статті, які розглядають різні аспекти сучасного глобального суспільства:

Professions and social order in global society.
Towards a sustainable global society.
Preparing children for global society
The Struggle for Global Society in a World System. A Response to Wallerstein’s “After Developmentalism and Globalization, What?”
Toward a Global Society of States.
Transition to a Global Society. (Review).
The Great Transition Today. A Report from the Future.
Diversity in the globalised society.
Preparing Teachers to Lead in Global Society.
Oki, Network Solutions for a Global Society (1999-2001)
Preparing Students for a Global Society.
Essay Human Rights in Global Society. How much enforcement should international society assume?
Cultural Competency Training in a Global Society
Living in a Global Society: Prejudice, Politics, Conflicts, and War
Global society and international relations : sociological concepts and political perspectives / Martin Shaw
Economic Globalization: Creating a Just Global Society
The Role of Music in a Global Society
Global society and knowledge-driven education
Young people, identity and living in a global society
Multiculturalism in a global society.
Thoughts on Fear in Global Society