Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships

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Scholarship / Financial aid: financial support covering salary, project costs, training

Date: up to two years

Deadline: 22 February 2013

Open to: science communicators, research scientists, medical historians, clinicians or professionals working in the arts

Applications now open
Now in their third year, Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships aim to support and develop upcoming stars in public engagement with science.

The Engagement Fellowships champion the leaders of tomorrow by fostering the most promising upcoming talent of today. We are looking for people with a strong track record of engaging the public with ideas around biomedical science and/or medical humanities, looking to make a step-change in their careers.

We will provide the freedom, resources and environment to enable exceptional individuals to develop their skills and practice in encouraging the public to examine, explore and debate the big scientific challenges that society faces.

Engagement Fellowships are open to individuals with a proven track record of delivering (rather than facilitating) high-quality public engagement and aim to propel Fellows to become leaders in the field of public engagement with science in the UK and/or the Republic of Ireland.

Applications are welcome from professional science communicators, research scientists, medical historians, clinicians or professionals working in the arts. Applicants may or may not be currently affiliated to or employed by a UK academic institution. In those cases where they are, however, applicants may be asked to demonstrate how they will help to further embed public engagement as a core activity within their home institution on their return.

We want to:

_accelerate and enhance the careers of talented people, propelling them to become the public engagement leaders of tomorrow
_enable Fellows to investigate and shape best practice in public engagement
_raise the profile and prestige of public engagement in both the Fellow's field of work and the biomedical sciences more widely
_foster a network of influential public engagement ambassadors within biomedical science.

What we offer

We provide Fellows with financial support for up to two years, covering:

_salary or salary buyout (on a full- or part-time basis)
_project costs
_training, where appropriate
_if desired, access to office space and facilities at the Wellcome Trust for the duration of the Fellowship, as well as membership of the Wellcome Collection club, Henry's
_where appropriate, opportunities to work with Wellcome Trust staff to develop project ideas.

Application process

In 2013, Fellowships will be awarded via a three-stage process. Applicants will need to submit a preliminary application by the deadline of 22 February 2013. We will assess preliminary applications and, by 28 March, invite successful applicants to submit a full application by 17 May 2013. Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an interview on 24 July 2013.

Preliminary applications must include:

_a statement from the applicant of no more than 200 words about what they would do with an Engagement Fellowship
_a CV from the applicant of no more than 2 sides of A4
_a reference, from either an academic nominator affiliated to a university in the UK or Republic of Ireland or from an employer, of no more than 1 side of A4 including:
_how long and in what capacity they have known the candidate (referees are expected to have known the candidate for at least two years)
_a statement on what they consider to be the candidate's outstanding characteristics that would make them suitable for the Fellowship
_a statement on what they think the candidate would gain from the Fellowship, in particular how it would influence their position in the public engagement community.

Fellows must:

_have at least three years' experience (full- or part-time) engaging the public with science
_be based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellowships
Wellcome Trust
Gibbs Building
215 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE, UK

T +44 (0)20 7611 8806



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