Marine Ecosystems - Challenges and Opportunities - MECOS2

Страна: Индия

Город: Kochi

Тезисы до: 30.09.2014

Даты: 02.12.14 — 05.12.14

Адрес: PB No. 1604, CMFRI Campus, Kochi - 682018, Kerala State, India

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Организаторы: The Marine Biological Association of India


The Marine Biological Association of India is organizing the international symposium, MECOS2, on Marine Ecosystems - Challenges and Opportunities. 

Four years ago, the International Symposium MECOS-09 (Marine Ecosystems Challenges and Opportunities 2009), organized by the Marine Biological Association of India was an outstanding success. The event brought together marine scientists, researchers and teachers from all over the world. A total of 755 authors contributed and the presenting authors were from 60 affiliations such as research institutions, universities, colleges and NGOs.

Looking ahead, the MBAI executive considered that the concerns about marine ecosystems that MECOS addressed in 2009 exists in even graver form now, and therefore, MECOS needs to be continued as a triennial event. Thus, MECOS 2 has been conceived by MBAI to address the current status of the marine ecosystems of the Asia-Pacific region.

Marine ecosystems, once described as the last frontier for humankind, provide a number of services to man, of which fisheries and climate is probably the most important. The World Ocean Review 2, published in 2013 in its foreword stated that “Economically important fish species have long been regarded in isolation from each other and their habitat. In order to comprehensively assess the impacts of fisheries the entire habitat must be considered. Only then will a sustainable and economic fishery system be possible. Moreover, it is now known that not only the fisheries, but also changing environmental conditions can affect the size of fish populations.”

An equal concern is the fact that the human society inevitably generates immense amounts of waste arising from the production and utilization of food as well as industrial and consumer goods. A considerable amount of this waste eventually ends up in the oceans and seas. This increasing load of nutrients and pollutants and general littering of the oceans are a growing cause for concern.

MECOS 2 aims to address the above concerns by inviting marine biology/ fisheries/ oceanography/ marine biotechnology/ social science researchers to present their new work on the following theme areas amidst their peers. It is expected that the outcome of the deliberations in MECOS 2 would be guidance for researchers and policy makers for the next 3 years.

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