Faces of English: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy

Страна: Гонконг

Город: Hong Kong

Тезисы до: 30.09.2014

Даты: 11.06.15 — 12.06.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: facesofenglish@hku.hk

Организаторы: The University of Hong Kong


The conference theme is 'Faces of English: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy'. This highlights the rich diversity of approaches to understanding English and the range of contexts in which it is taught and studied across the globe. The conference will bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and research students from around the world to discuss the interdependence between theory and practice, with papers which focus on the analysis, description and teaching of English in order to better understand the ways in which theory, research and pedagogy interact and inform each other. It also welcomes participants to share practical ideas and teaching materials related to the use of English in a variety of social, professional, educational and virtual contexts.

Hong Kong is a particularly appropriate place to celebrate the theme of 'Faces of English' as it promotes itself as 'Asia's world city where East meets West'. I am confident that you will enjoy a stimulating conference here in the city and that your presence and participation will help contribute to this vibrancy and enrich discussions around the theme, developing professional knowledge exchange, insights and collaborations. We invite you, therefore, to submit proposals for paper presentations, colloquia, practical workshops, demonstrations and poster displays, and join us at this international conference to explore various dimensions of English and to bring together different perspectives and different voices on English and English language education.

Keynote Speakers and Post-Conference Workshop Facilitators:

Professor Rod Ellis, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Keynote: Teacher as input
Workshop: Consciousness-raising tasks for grammar teaching

Professor Bonny Norton, University of British Columbia, Canada
Keynote: Digital ways, unequal worlds: Identity, investment, and English language learners in changing times
Workshop: Critical practices in the assessment of writing

Professor David Nunan, The University of Hong Kong
Keynote: Language learning beyond the classroom
Workshop: Designing projects for out-of-class learning

You are invited to submit proposals for individual papers, colloquia, workshops, demonstration sessions and poster displays that address one of the following sub-themes below or any other subtheme which may be relevant.

- Assessment
- Autonomy and out-of-class learning
- Corpus linguistics
- Discourse and pragmatics
- ESP and EAP
- Language acquisition
- Language and gender
- Language for intra- and/or intercultural communication
- Language learning style and motivation
- Language planning and policy
- Language, power and identity
- Language teaching and learning (e.g., material development, syllabus design, teacher development)
- Language and technology

Professor Wen Qiufang, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China
Keynote: Production-oriented approach to teaching adult English learners in Mainland China
Workshop: How to implement POA in English teaching

Professor Ken Hyland, The University of Hong Kong
Keynote: Anecdote, attitude and evidence. Does English disadvantage EAL authors in international publishing?
Workshop: Writing for international publication in Applied Linguistics and EFL journals

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