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Город: Chicago

Тезисы до: 15.09.2014

Даты: 11.04.15 — 11.04.15

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Организаторы: Ewomen Indian Magazine


E-women is a bi-monthly magazine. Ewomen is primarily published online. On the occasion of International Women’s Day – March 8th 2010, E-women launched its first issue. Our previous themes - sexuality and contraception; alternate professions for women; mental health; spirituality and religion, leadership and politics, and alternate medicines - have been highly appreciated by you. Ewomen aims to communicate women’s interests, issues, and need for information with credible and easily understood research. The primary content of the magazine is tailored to women living in or belonging to the Indian subcontinent. We honor the multiplicity and unity in the ways of thinking, being, and doing that originates in our parts of the world. And so in keeping with the deep-rooted philosophies of holistic existence, at Ewomen we provide you with knowledge that can empower you, enrich your life, enlighten your soul and entertain your spirit. Our success is embedded in your support and the sound of successful clicks running into thousands that continue to increase with each successive issue. Ewomen is an initiative of the Social Research, Communication, and Advocacy Center – For the Survival of Women & Children (SRCAC-FSWC) located in Lucknow. We, the team of editors comprise Board Members of the SRCAC-FSWC and professionals from Loyola University Chicago and community members from different fields and across the globe. We thank all the different individuals and organizations that have contributed to the success of this initiative. We particularly thank the Global Initiatives Incentive Fund of Loyola University Chicago.


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