8th Annual International Conference on Computer Games Multimedia and Allied Technologies (CGAT 2015)

Страна: Сингапур

Город: Singapore

Тезисы до: 10.10.2014

Даты: 12.04.15 — 14.04.15

Область наук: Компьютерные;

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: secretariat@cgames.com.sg

Организаторы: Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF)


Key areas of focus (but not limited to):

-Computer Games,Multimedia
-Cloud Computing and Virtualization
- Web Technologies and Internet Applications
- Social Computing and Behavioural Modeling
- Enterprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management
- Mobile Communications, Networking and Applications
- Network Technologies & Communications

A) Computer Games, Multimedia

Optoelectronic instrumentation, measurement and metrology
Gaming - Mobile, PC, Online, Console
Aesthetic Approaches to Game Design & Development
Storytelling and Narrative Landscapes
Design Documentation
Games Simulations and Dynamic Models
Interactive Simulations
Tools and Systems for Games and Virtual Reality
Intelligent Agents and Gamebots
Gaming – Hardware and Accessories
Graphics & Visualisation
Texture and Shader Programming
Stereographics in Real Time
Sound Design and Music Systems
Multichanel Audio
Audio Techniques for Racing Games
Media Theory
Interactive Dynamic Response for Games
Mapping the Mental Space of Game Genres
Cultural and Media Studies on Computer Games
Experiential Spatiality in Games
Player Behavior and Consumer Demographics
Game Development Contract Outsourcing
Project Funding and Financing
Social/Humanities Aspects of Games
Cheat Codes -To Cheat or Not to Cheat
Mobile and Multiuser Games
IPTV and Service Convergence
Pay-As-You-Play and IPTV
Academic Courses for Game Design & Development
Multiuser Virtual Environments (Muves) in Education
Learning to Play or Learning through Play
Game Security
Games and Intellectual Property Rights
Laws, Regulations, Certifications and Policies for Gaming
Censorship of Video Games Content
Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Gaming
Art, Design and New Media
Education, Training, and Edutainment Technologies
Human Factors of Games
Sound and Music
3D Geometric models
B) Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Understanding the Cloud
The Dark Side of Clouds
Building Great Companies on the Cloud
Operating Systems
Kernel-Exchange Modules
Control Services
Distributed Composite Services
Basic Services
Application Exchange Modules
Cloud Enterprise
IT Security Delivered from the Cloud
Ahead in the cloud - The power of Infrastructure as a Service
Dynamic Deployment & Scalability for the Cloud
A Novel Approach to Cloud Networking
Cloud Architecture
The Benefits of Cloud Storage
Cloud Computing Applications
Distributed Infrastructure
Getting Ready for Cloud Computing - IT Strategy, Architecture and Security Perspective
The Business Value of Cloud Computing & Virtualization
Leveraging Endpoint Virtualization
Compliance in the New Age of Virtualization and Securing the Benefits of Virtualization 2.0
Enabling Disaster Recovery for any size business
The impact of IT Virtualization on Applications and Networks
Virtual Desktop Delivery
Potential of Virtualization
Managing Virtualization with IT Process Automation
Troubleshooting your virtual Infrastructure
Controlling Virtual server sprawl
Virtualization Management Futures
Agent-based Cloud Computing and Cloud Economy
Cloud Business Models
C) Web Technologies and Internet Applications

Web Technologies and Applications
Web Services based Systems and Applications
P2P Systems and Applications
Virtual Environments and Web Applications for eLearning
D) Social Computing and Behavioural Modeling

Theories of Social Computing
Psycho-cultural situation awareness
Social Network Analysis and Mining, Semantic web
Group formation and evolution
Social Behavior Modeling
Cultural patterns and representation
Human machine Interactions
Social conventions and social contexts
Social Intelligence, Social Cognition
Causal, and non-linear relationships
Social Computing Applications
Modeling, projection, and forecasting
Analytic approaches
Social network analysis and mining
Group interaction and collaboration
Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Artificial Intelligence in Social Contexts
Group representation and profiling
Trust, Privacy, Risk and Security in Social Contexts
Cultural modeling and dynamics
Social Engineering, Tools, and Case Studies
Influence process and recognition
Services Science, Quality, Architecture, Management, and Tools
Public opinion representation
Social System Design and Architectures
Search, data, and inference
E) Enterprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management

ERP performance measurement and optimization
Business case quantification and solution implementation
Obstacle identification and solution implementation
Supply Chain Management-Decision intelligence
The life cycle of ERP & SCM
ERP Security and Control
ERP embedded Controls
Process ERP
Problems in planning for an ERP project
ERP Implementation- a challenge to succeed
ERP Readiness and Relevance Assessment
Lean International Supply Management
Procurement Tactics for Managing through Crisis
Supply Chain Risk Management and Mitigation
Supply Chain Organization Structure and Strategy
Supply Chain Information Systems
Supply Chain planning
Analyzing Supply Chain Information Flow
Supplier Network Collaboration
Global Sourcing Operations
Strategic Supply Chain Management
Six Sigma Techniques
Economics of multi-node/multi-national supply chain
Supply Chain Performance Management
Business Process management & improvement
F) Mobile Communications, Networking and Applications

Mobile computing and wireless networking
Solutions to low power and energy limitations
Design, implementation, and evaluation of wireless systems and mobile applications
Algorithms / models for wireless networks and mobile applications
Measurements and performance evaluation of mobile and wireless networks
Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks
Multimedia over Wireless
Next Generation Mobile Networks
Wireless LANs and Wireless PANs
Wireless mesh networks
Cellular data networks
Delay-tolerant networks
Mobile ad hoc networks
Personal area networks
Vehicular networks
Wireless Sensor Networks
Smart Wireless Sensors
Ad hoc Networks
Wireless Security
Wireless IP networks
Seamless Mobility in Cellular Networks
Satellite-based Systems
Wireless QOS
Coding and Modulation
Wireless and Mobile applications
Wireless sensor network architectures
Semantic wireless sensor networks
Security and privacy in wireless sensor actuator networks
Wireless Emergency and Security Systems
Broadband mobile communication systems
Wireless technologies for sensors
Transmitters and receiver components
Bluetooth technologies
Developments in RF
Home networks
Mobile intelligent networks
Security aspects
Mobile intelligent networks
Mobile Computing Devices
Peer to Peer Tuning
Communications Software and Services
Mobile Computing Systems
Social networking applications
Vehicular Networks
QOS in Networks
Localization in Ad-hoc Networks
Convergence issues
3G/4G Networks
Wireless Communications
Space-Time, UWB, MIMO and Adaptive Antennas
OFDM, CDMA and Spread Spectrum
Modulation, Coding and Diversity
Signal Processing for Wireless Communications
Channel Model and Characterization
Multi-Hop and Cooperative Communications
Interference Cancellation and MUD
Radio Resource Management and Allocation
Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio
Satellite & Space Communications
Multimedia Communications
Multiple Access Techniques
Optical Communications Network Technologies
Wireless & Mobile Networking
Wireless Sensor Networks
Cognitive Radio Networks
Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking
Networking and Information Security
Network Protocol and Congestion Control QoS
Mobility, Location and Handoff Management
Capacity, Throughput, Outage and Coverage
Multimedia in Wireless Networks
Optical Networks and Systems Services and Application
Emerging Wireless/Mobile Applications
Context and Location-Aware Wireless Services
Wireless Telemedicine and E-Health Services
Intelligent Transportation Systems
RFID Technology and Application
Cognitive Radio and Sensor-Based Applications
Content Distribution in Wireless Home Environment
Service Oriented Architectures, Service Portability
SIP Based Services, Multimedia and Middleware
Innovative User Interfaces for Multimedia Services
G) Network Technologies & Communications

Ad hoc mobile networks
Addressing and location management
Broadband access technologies
Capacity planning
Cellular and broadband wireless nets
Cognitive radio networking
Congestion control
Content-based network service
Cross layer design and optimization
Cyber‐physical systems and networks
Data center and cloud networks
Denial of service mitigation and prevention
Delay/disruption tolerant networks
Dynamic spectrum management
Energy‐efficient networks
Future Internet design
Grid networks
Implementation and experimental testbeds
Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols
Middleware support for networking
Mobility models and mobile networks
Multicast, broadcast and anycast
Multimedia protocols and networking
Network applications and services
Network architectures
Network coding
Network control
Network management
Network measurement, simulation and emulation
Online social networking
Optical networks
Peer‐to‐peer networks
Power control and management
Pricing and billing
Quality of service
Resource allocation and management
RFID networks and protocols
Routing protocols
Scheduling and buffer management
Security, trust and privacy
Self-organizing networks
Sensor networks and embedded systems
Switches and switching
Topology characterization and inference
Traffic measurement and analysis
Traffic engineering and control
Vehicular, underground and underwater networks
Virtual and overlay networks
Web services and performance
Wireless mesh networks and protocols

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