8th IMA Conference on Mathematical Education of Engineers

Страна: Великобритания

Город: Loughborough

Тезисы до: 17.10.2014

Даты: 20.04.14 — 20.04.14

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: conferences@ima.org.uk

Организаторы: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications


The sequence of conferences "Mathematical Education of Engineers" held at Loughborough provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, practices and pedagogy in the mathematical education of engineers. Within this framework, university mathematics teachers together with engineering colleagues and participants from industry are able to discuss enhancement and reflect on the engineering mathematics provision in the context of ever‐increasing demands of competence, effectiveness, quality and relevance. This conference aims to reflect the progress and experiences of initiatives within the teaching of mathematics to engineers in recent years, to debate areas of known concern and to learn together from current best practice.

This Eighth MEE Conference will provide a full interactive one-day format covering current topics and initiatives of broad interest to the mathematical education of engineers and an (optional) informal Conference Dinner in the evening to enhance networking opportunities.
The programme will include contributed papers, workshops and plenary discussions together with distinguished invited speakers to highlight two areas of MEE community interest:

i) Significant changes in pre-University mathematics will be taking place from 2016 – ongoing are changes and implementation of A and A/S level mathematics and associated activities.

ii) Many University Engineering Departments are adopting new pedagogies which have a much greater focus on active learning, project work, problem-solving and which are intended to promote greater student engagement with their learning.  There are expectations that the delivery of the associated engineering mathematics provision will be changed in similar fashion.

Invited speakers:
  • Charlie Stripp, Director, National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics & Chief Executive of the charity Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)
  • Professor Peter Goodhew, Emeritus Professor of Engineering, University of Liverpool

This event will meet the requirements of the IMA Continuing Professional Development Scheme.

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