7th Global Conference: Hope

Страна: Португалия

Город: Lisbon

Тезисы до: 31.10.2014

Даты: 14.03.15 — 16.03.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: Hoch@siu.edu, hope7@inter-disciplinary.net

Организаторы: Inter-Disciplinary


When Pandora’s box emptied all of its ills that would plague the world, one small winged creature still remained: HOPE. This project inquires into the nature of this gift. Is hope, in fact, a good, encouraging us to do or be good? Or is it an evil; an illusion, perhaps an impossible fantasy? How does hope manifest itself in the world, in language, literature, and the arts? How should hope be encouraged? Is hope individual or collective in nature? Or both? What does hope contribute to individual or national identity?

This inter- and multi-disciplinary research, practice and publications project explores the multi-layered ideas, actions, and cultural traditions regarding hope. We invite therapists, community organizers, social workers, clergy, active change agents, scholars and teachers; in other words, anyone who has actively engaged with others to foster a sense of hopeful possibility in any walk of life.

We seek presentations about the nature of hope, its relationship with other emotions or movements, and its manifestation in the actions of individuals, cultures, communities and/or nations. We seek presentations, papers, performances, reports, works-in-progress and workshops which consider the history of hope, its cultural and artistic representations, its meaning(s), and/or its philosophical or scientific ‘legitimacy’.

Some possible proposals could address one or more of the following topics (although we invite other approaches as well):

  • Theories of Hope
  • Pedagogies of Hope
  • Hope in Literature/Literature as Hope
  • Hope in Art/Art as Hope
  • Hope in Music/Music as Hope
  • Hope and Religious Teaching
  • Hope and the Beginning of Life
  • Hope and Despair
  • Hope and Reconciliation
  • Hope and Personal Growth
  • Hope and Community Organizing
  • Hope and Illness
  • Hope and Loss
  • Hope and the Beginning of Life
  • Hope and the End of Life
  • Hope and Oppression
  • Consciousness and Hope
  • Between Hopelessness and Hope
  • Hope vs. Illusion
  • Hope and Media
  • Psychologies and Hope
  • Philosophies of Hope
  • Hope and Forgiveness
  • Remarriage Following Divorce: ‘The Triumph of Hope over
  • Experience’
  • Love and Hope
  • Good Works as Hope

Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/probing-the-boundaries/persons/hope/call-for-papers/