International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond 2015

Страна: Чехия

Город: Brno

Тезисы до: 16.11.2014

Даты: 10.06.15 — 12.06.15

Е-мейл Оргкомитета:

Организаторы: Mendel University in Brno


The international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experience with addressing academic integrity issues, namely plagiarism. There will be several invited keynote speakers addresses, as well as presentations of researchers from all around the world, whose papers will pass the review process.

After several publicly well known scandals, plagiarism became an issue in higher education. Many universities are looking for effective policies, electronic detection tools and methods of prevention. Research shows, that there are vast differences in the perception of plagiarism among European countries and even between students and teachers in particular country. Therefore broad discussion, understanding cultural differences and experience exchange among higher education institutions is needed and worth to support.

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