First IEEE Workshop on Pervasive Energy Services

Страна: США

Город: St. Louis

Тезисы до: 26.11.2014

Даты: 23.03.15 — 23.03.15

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Организаторы: Institute of Computer Science


A wealth of unexplored knowledge exists in the power data collected from smart meters and smart plugs (i.e. metering equipment for individual wall outlets). Analysis of the data may be used to provide context-based services (e.g. presence detection), but also serve as the foundation for novel services (e.g. automated recommendations for energy savings). To date, the potential of this domain has barely been explored, although more and more energy data is becoming available due to the increasing number of deployed smart metering equipment. At the moment, one of the most important research challenges in smart energy systems is thus the creation of value-added services that exploit the information content in energy generation and consumption data in such a way that they can inspire new functionalities and context models.

The aim of this workshop is thus to bring together practitioners and researchers from both academia and industry in order to have a forum for discussion and technical presentations on the recent advances in the innumerous opportunities opened up by the use of energy data in context-aware systems. It furthermore serves as a forum for the smart energy research community to discuss open issues, novel solutions and the future development of smart energy management systems in general.

 Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Novel architectures for the integration of smart meter/smart plugs into pervasive computing systems

- Seamless energy meter integration in the design and architecture of smart home/office spaces

- Applications and novel business models that rely on energy data; including energy optimization and sustainable operation of smart cities, household load disaggregation, generation and load forecasting, and other means for informed load shifting

- Collection, processing, and integration of energy data to improve the control over loads and generation (e.g., distributed renewable sources)

- Security and privacy considerations in smart energy metering, including novel means to mitigate privacy and security threats

- Experiences with experimental power metering system prototypes and pilots

- Power metering testbeds and data sets for the comparison of household characteristics and processing approaches in a globalized world

- Industrial use cases showing gaps to be filled by future research

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